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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tucssarg1005, Aug 11, 2019.

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    So the neighbor lady comes over today and says she has a friend who isn’t happy with her lawn guy and she has about 10 acres. So the lady tells her that I just moved in across the street and I’ve mowed and done some work for the neighbors and they look better than they’ve ever looked etc (always nice to get that reinforcement right?). So she asked for my number and all that.

    I don’t mow acreage and in fact until this season the only mowers I’ve run were a Honda commercial 21” and an Exmark 30”.

    This season I finally took a step toward modern mowing and bought a 48” hydro walk behind. Like a whole new world. I’ve picked some big (to me at least) lawns but nothing over and acre. I’m in a small old steel town which is technically a city. But I’m doing city lots built in the 30’s and 40’s outward from the mill, along with some newer developments. But in 5 minutes I can be getting into farm country.

    With the prospect of taking over some new accounts next season (I’m assuming the same type of mowing I’m doing now) I’d toyed with the idea of getting a stand on mower to increase my productivity on some of the bigger lawns and make room for some new ones.

    I don’t really want to invest in a rider. I hate sitting because I have back problems that get worse if I’m in the car or on a mower for more than 45 min.

    Question is, is a stand on suited for mowing ten acres at a time? Doesn’t seem like it but I’ve never mowed acreage nor used a stander. Also, what are folks paying per acre, assuming it’s clear, open, relatively flat space?
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    That stander will jack your back up as well. The one I used anyway was super rough. I couldn't imagine trying to mow 10 acres with a 48.
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    On a 48 serious Clark
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    Just pass your not qualified. Stick with small yards .
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    I run a Z2 (Ferris) stand on and love it. Not rough at all compared to riding and find it is easy on the back.
    The z3 is larger and would be well suited for large lots if you don't mind standing.
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    I don’t think he’s saying he’d use a 48”, that’s the walk behind he has, but his considering a larger stand on mower.

    I’ve done 3 acres, not subtracting for building so may 2.5? With my 52 stander and it’s easy. 1.5 hours or so with 7-8 trees.

    I’m not a pro, I can only give you my experience. Never did that much with my stander, but years ago helped my friend almost weekly maintain his dog training place. 10 mowable acres on about 20 acres of land. Had a 60” Kubota diesel. Nice mower but still took a few hours to do. But I’d rather stand than sit for that time.

    I wouldn’t buy a new mower for an account, and sitting for 45 minutes doesn’t agree with you so I wouldn’t get a seated mower. There likely isn’t one you’re getting done in 45 minutes with that you’re using for any other lawns you have.

    A lot would depend on terrain and things to the sized deck you’d get. If you’d have a 61” stander can you use that on other yards to make good use of it? It even sure how long that would take doing 10 acres. Is all 10 mowed?

    I’m with you though, I’d rather stand all day than sit for 2 hours.
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    10 acres is rough no matter what you mow it with. you are looking around 5hrs of mowing or somewhere around that depending on what mower you use. if you are gonna use a stander for it you need a 72". probably need a 72" sit down mower too.
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    This should take care of that 10 acres should knock it out in a few hrs.
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    Don't even bother entertaining the idea. You don't have the equipment and you wouldn't be able to handle the sitting OR standing to finish the job.
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