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Mowing around beds and cars


LawnSite Member
Langhorne, PA
Just recently, a few of my customers have started to complain about me putting a little grass into their beds and onto their cars. I do my best to blow what little grass is in the beds and on the cars away, but whatever is left there is nothing i can do, and i always thought it was no big deal. but 2 people asked me to have it remain perfectly clean. any techniques to avoid this problem or am i just going to have to use a bag. I have a 48 Exmark Metro.


LawnSite Senior Member
Columbus Ga
Well first ask them to move their cars , that will fix that,
as far as the beds go run the mower with the discharge facing the other way for the beds .but they will just have to under stand that when you edge the beds they will still have some clippings there.

The Lawn Genie

LawnSite Member
Olive Branch, MS
I would certainly tell them to move their cars if your having problems keeping the clippings off of them... if they complain about the clippings, just imagine what they will say when you have to tell them about the huge dent in the side of their brand new BMW, because your mower threw a rock! As for the beds, discharge away from them, as long as the only trimmings in them is from edging, it shouldn't be any problem to go back and blow them out.


LawnSite Platinum Member
In a related twist, I told my helper to be careful, with the tail wheels on the mower , while turning around near some cars. I guess he was so concerned about the tail wheels, he forgot not to shoot grass all over 2 parked cars.


LawnSite Member
Sugarland, TX
one time I was trimming in the back when one of my guys (who had just started with me) was mowing the front. The front lawn is elevated over a driveway walk, with 3 feet of walkway between the edge of the lawn and and the drop off to the driveway.

So, the owner of the house comes out like a mad man. He has be come to the front. His new, black BMW is COVERED in clippings, all stuck to the car. The new guy hadn't watched was he was doing and must have side discharges every blade of grass on his car!

So I say I'll knock the cost of his car wash off my bill. So the next week he gives me a receipt for a $25 car wash. Just a normal carwash, nothing interior or anything...$25 !! Ouch... never heard of something so expensive.

Anyway, it's one of the new things my guys get trained on now - common sense!


LawnSite Senior Member
South West PA
This is the reason that all new helpers start out with the 21" and the trimmer. They can then graduate to the mulching walk behind. Only after they have mastered that can they side discharge on select properties.