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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnut101, May 1, 2010.

  1. Lawnut101

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    How did you guys do this year? I was trying to bid at $60/hr, but I didn't get any work. I know guys that have lots of work, but they bid around $35-40/hr. I guess I am gonna have to lower my rates next season. I only picked up one small residential lawn this year, and that's because I work with the reality company that has it. Otherwise I lost all my bids. I don't think there is much hope in the mowing market right now. How did your bidding experience go?
  2. rjh4758

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    I did real well biding this year. I was shooting for $50 an hour (solo- low overhead)and got all but one bid. Maybe I was low for my area this year, don't know. I figured with the economy I would need to come down a bit to pick up new business and it worked.
  3. jnrogers

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    I am $50 hour for mowing. If I do tractor work I charge $60hr. I charge a little more for the tractor because it is heavier and uses more fuel to tow it. My minimum charge is $30 for either. Its been a little slower here too, more people trying to get by with bi-weekly than normal.
  4. milkie62

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    My minimum is $30 also.I bid 1 lawn for $45 but did not get it.I shoot for $45-$50/hr.I am only part-time so my overhead is lower also.I do not need any benefits since my regular job covers them.
    So far I am doing GREAT this year.Last year was another story though.I have quit advertising already since I am more than maxed out.The picture ad did wonders vs just a small ad in the classifieds.Already getting word of mouth work.
  5. MJS

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    Anything less than $70 an hour is too low for me.

    You're always better off bidding a little higher and mowing 20 lawns for $30/each rather than the same 20+10 more lawns @$20/each.
  6. topsites

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    According to your own post you could have been bidding 35-40 and had work.
  7. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Around here someone would laugh if you told them 50 bucks an hour. The rate here is in the $20-35 area. I normally charge $25 per hour. Got two apartment complexes this season, two gas stations, a duplex, an electrical wholesale warehouse, and have a lead on bidding three cemeteries. Everything just exploded this season it seems like. I hate charging the low hourly wages, but anything higher and people shy away. Like I said, even 40 bucks and people would laugh at you. So the $25 rule around here is pretty common. I'm planning to try and slowly work it higher though.
  8. SangerLawn

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    I am in total shock this year on how the bidding is going. We didn’t loose any commercial work from last year and didn’t want to grow anymore since I don’t have anymore crew leaders…..BUT…I had several companies tell me people where coming in there offering to do the work for less then half of what I do. One of the properties I charge over $300 a week. They showed me an estimate from someone that said they would do it for $70 a week (no joke)…..we all laughed and the company stayed with us :)
  9. rjh4758

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    So a 20 minute lawn is $10? If I could only make $30 an hour it would just my overhead, and leave nothing for future growth, equpment replacement or me after uncle Sam gets his cut. Well maybe a few bucks but I would make more flipping burgers at that rate.
  10. ajslands

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    I am a 1.50$

    Per minuteI
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