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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Indiana, May 22, 2001.

  1. Indiana

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    Out here we have alot of people/businesses with real big lawns.

    I have a commercial site with 4.5 acres that I currently mow with a 48" walk behind and a 48" Walker.

    I recently had a guy call me for a price to mow almost three acres. The property was really far out of the way. I went and looked at it, took over an hour to do this.

    I figured it was approx. 2.7 acres. So I figured about $60 acre to mow it. I told him $185.00 and I thought he was going to die.

    Don't know how to do it for any less. I didn't get it but it kinda bothers me that I thought that would be a fair price. There was minimal trimming and it was dead flat. Something that I never hardly see.
  2. thelawnguy

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    Its hard to bid these types of lawns unless you have the proper equipment.

    Ideally somebody with a 72 inch rider can do that lawn in an hour for $75. But it would be unrealistic for someone such as yourself with smaller equipment who must take more time to do it for that money.
  3. Runner

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    Not only that, but when you have all that driving time in there also. Actually, you did right, and especially did yourSELF right. Many times, it's just not feasible to go the long distance. Not only is it taking time, but you have gasoline that is burning all the while.
  4. SLC1

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    All our company does is large area mowing, and we have got ourselves a niche, we now run three 72" Riders, 1 60" Rider and one 12' Rangewing the amount of grass we can cut in an hour is amazing, we have found that going after the large accounts is easier, because we have less overall customers and less people to deal with, we only maintain 35 accounts but do alot of work, we currently cut about 210 acre perweek, we are able to bid lower than someone that is trying to do it with smaller equipement, because we are more efficent and are set up to do larger work. Just My two cents
  5. Administrator

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    We bid as low as $30 an acre in high bid properties and got underbid.

  6. The_Outlaw

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    I started out doing small residentials, then ended up swinging to the larger accounts (nothing I do now is less than 3 acres). I have fewer clients to deal with, less drive time, and get paid pretty well.
    There is always going to be someone out there who will under bid, just a fact of life.
    If a property is way out of the way (from my other accounts) and I don't particularly care if I get it or not, I will bid very high. If I end up getting it, then I feel MUCH better about that extra drive time. Looks to me like you did the right thing!
  7. Guido

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    All you guys that are into large area mowing may want to check these pics out!

    All this stuck equipment was due to one stuck JD tractor mowing our airfield grassy areas (and a couple of in-experienced operators of course :) )

    they're on my website under photo's in the last folder titled spring and stuck!

    Hope you enjoy them!
  8. Even with my old 62" walkbehind I could do that job for about $90 in
    less than two hours. That guy must have thought your were nutz.

  9. LJ lawn

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    this is exactly why i started turning down the larger lawns,these people don't want to pay you anything to do's easier just to stick to the small $25-$30 cuts.why should i do one large lawn for $40 when i can do 3 $25 cuts in the same time?
  10. slabpile

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    i was doing residental and commercial wth almost the same set up as you. Now i'm working for a school. i just bought a z master. does great in big areas (and small). 10mph cutting grass no strip between blades. only way to go.

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