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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Grounds Control, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Grounds Control

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    i posted this in "just starting" but i was hoping for a few more responses.

    have a look at this contract. see anything that i've left out?

    what do you like or dislike?


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  2. jajwrigh

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    I don't claim to have all of the answers, but I think I have some info that will help. For starters use the words "service agreement" not contract. People think that contracts are binding, and incur a penalty if they want out, so they usually to avoid stuff like that. Keep the service agreement simple for the customer! No one wants to do that much reading....drop the FAQ page too. Try listing services like:

    No explanation required .....people know what that means!!
    Hope some of this helps!!
  3. cklands

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    A little confusing. The one thing I would take out would be the min. charges for the extras. It is going to cause the customer to ask you why theirs is more than the min. It is more info then they need to know. Just give them a price if they ask for it. On another note it says that you will leave an invoice and then bill after two services. That seems like a lot of wasted paper to me. It seems like you are more or less sending them something on a weekly basis then.....leave them an invoice one week and then the next week(the second consecutive service) you are goingto send them a bill? Why not just bill monthly? Much easier to keep track of and less paper. Just my .02
  4. Expert Lawns

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    very confusing, but i like the Q&A, great idea
  5. mole

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    better watch that fuel surchage. customer can't control the price of fuel. 5% over $2.00 a gallon. you might turn away some customers or beeter yet they don't see it then you charge them and they quit on you during the season then your really out of money.
  6. gogetter

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    There were a couple things that I liked, but there were also several things that I didn't like.

    Some of the wording is confusing like the whole "per visit" thing.

    I don't understand the stuff about leaving a bill each week, and then invoicing them every other week?????

    I like the idea of the FAQ, but I would make some changes for sure. For example I wouldn't sign it if you told me you were going to skip my lawn when it rains and then charge me double when you come the following week.

    Oh, and the part about payment being due within 3 days of receiving invoice, that's pretty extreme. I don't see that going over very well.

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