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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HiddenCreek, Apr 20, 2009.

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    a homeowner today asked for a mowing contract. i have never used many contracts as i haven't wanted to put pressure on the client before. i was thinking something simple along the lines of; I (my signature) agree to mow the lawn of (clients name) bi-weekly throrought the course of 2009 at a rate of (price) per month. I (clients name) agree to pay (my name) (price) per month too mow our lawn bi-weekly.

    i would go further into detail for each specifc lawn too such as i agree to weed eat, mow, bag etc. is something like this satisfactory, or do you guys have another more proffesional format?

    thanks alot
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    Unfortunately I cant share mine, but there are lots that have floated around here the last few years. I guess you need to see what your state laws are as far as what you can say and if it is required. In most states its not, but I dont know how anyone could keep track of more than 20 accounts without paperwork. It can serve many purposes. Your basic idea is good I guess, but once you put something in writing people will find loopholes in it and you could find your self doing a lot of free work. The most basic should state who the parties are, what services will be performed, what the payment terms will be. More advanced ones will cover things like interest rates, attorney fees, liability, property access etc. When I started mine was 1 page, then as people picked it apart it became 2 pages, then as I got screwed again it grew. Currently it is 4 pages attorney drafted and it is rock solid. This really weeds out the bad ones.
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    if you are going to do a contract, either do it right or don't bother. Unfortunately, putting "I _______ will mow, trim, and blow the lawn at ________________ once a week for the price of ________ ......." leaves a lot of doors open. Make sure to cover your ass and cover everything from payment (how you bill the customer, when payment is due, late fees, etc.) to what you are going to do, what you are and are not responsible for, what your responsibilities are and what the customers are if any damages to the property occur, cancellation clause (should you wish), and so on. It may sound like a lot of work and a lot of BS to come up with, but if you do it right now it will save your rear end should you ever get taken to court or need to take someone to court to collect on an unpaid bill. As long as you put everything in simple and straight forward terms and take the time to go over it line by line with the customer and have them initial each section so you know they understand what it says, then most, I have found, do not have any problems signing one. Those who don't want to agree to your terms are probably not customers you want anyway.
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    Also, what about the term of the contract? Is the customer under contract from week to week for the entire season? how long?
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    we do "pay as you go". we have done that for years. we provide a scope of work detailing services provided and payment specifications. we bill for services in advance. Ex. billing for May will be done April 25 due by May 15. If the invoice is not paid, we don't mow. Lawn care is a luxury and if they can't pay the bill in 20 days, then they probably can't afford your services to begin with.:cool2:
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    making one simple like this is baddddd. you have to outline everything....

    send me your email address and I will send you one..........

    BUT dont everyone jump on the wagon here...... this is the last time I'm doing this....
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