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    Just to move away from the blow and go guys, I implemented a full service plan to all of my custom design/install clients after spending a year or so protecting their investment...and mine, at a minimal cost. Most of my clients have signed up on an annual contract with everything all-inclusive with a few select services that can be added on an as needed basis. We also offer licensed irrigation checks and chemical applications including pest, fertilization, and weed control which are included in the contract.

    We maintain their lawn, trim, prune, treat fungus, pests, make irrigation repairs (billed hourly plus materials), apply mulch twice a year or as needed for a new plan. It works great, gives us "full run" on their property, and keeps my install, and their property, so much better than the neighbor. Clients range from 4,700 to 10,200 annually and are all residential in the Austin metro area.

    Granted, I also have a personal interest in their property since I designed and built it, so the sell was easier than a contractor from off the street, but that is the reason I started my make a GOOD name for local contractors.
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    This is the only way to do things and I believe it's truly my company's niche, designing, installing/constructing something amazing and selling the client into a full service maint program. That way, you have full control of everything and issues, if any, are easily fixed.
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    This is a very valid point
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    What size lawn do the higher end monthly billing range from? This seems like a great contract to be in because they won't have to worry about a single thing in their yard. When you say bill them for material and hours is that just for the mulching and irrigation?
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    If you don't mind me asking what questions do you ask them?
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    I want to know why they are looking for a lawn service. What they liked and did not like about the last company. What they want they were not getting. It gets the converstation going.
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    Those are great points I like that a lot I'm going to start doing that, and if they hear that coming from a 17 year old I would think they would be impressed! THANKS A LOT!
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