Mowing days and the stories.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cashio13, Jul 31, 2008.

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    As we all know mowing consists of being out on the road all day and all over many places and dealing with many people. After reading the story about Icepuck72 dropping the granny he had for a customer, and i agree with him, i felt it was time to start a nice thread on stuff that has happened to people while mowing...not necessarily from the customers, but from the neighbors. Ill lead us off:

    We were mowing a property today and it is the first house on the street, which is a circle. So i pull all the way down the street, turn around, and pull up across from the house, that way when i load my mowers, gravity pulls them to the front of the trailer. (the street is a hill) Anyway i am probably pulled up about 50' in front of the stop sign and a neighbor on the street pulls up and yells at us that it is against the law to park less than 150' in front of a stop sign and if we don't move our truck she is calling the police. My partner and i were so stunned at this that we were both surprised we had comebacks. His reply is "take it easy lady." and i reply with "do i come to your work and kick the squeegee out of your hands? No!" Her look was priceless. Well worth the cop pulling down the road and doing nothing about it.
    I hope to hear some other good stories.
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    I Have An Elderly Lady 80 Years Old. She Still Works Around The House. She Can Out Work Many Young People. She Insists That She Will Trim The Shrubs And Extra Work. Just Wants Me To Mow. I Am Cutting Her Yard On Tuesday And Something In The Yard Caught My Eye, Sort Of Sparkled. I Turn The Mower Around And Its An Old Watch. Nothing Fancy. I Pick It Up And Put It In My Pocket And Finish The Yard. She Is Always Out When I Start To Cut But Today No Sight Of Her. I Put The Mower Away And Get The Trimmer. I Head Up The Drive And See Her Out. I Asked Her If She Lost Anything. She Looks At Me Puzzled Like. So I Ask Again. No Answer. I Ask Her To Look On Her Wrist. She Then Says She Lost Her Watch, Been Tearing The House Apart Looking For It. I Pull It Out Of My Pocket And Ask If This Is It. She Begins To Cry Says That It Belonged To Her Sister Who Passed A Few Years Ago. Says The Only Watch She Has That Keeps Good Time. Whole Time Shes Crying. Asked Where I Found It. I Showed Her In The Back Yard. She Said Last Week After I Left She Went Out To Trim The Hedges And She Took It Off And Put It In Her Shirt Pocket And As She Was Cleaning Up It Must Have Fallen Out. She Always Wears Jeans And A Flannel Or Work Shirt. She Hugged Me And Said It Made Her Day To Get It Back. I Thought It Was Funny Something That Has No Meaning Or Value To One Person Is Golden To Another.
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    About 4 years ago I landed an account in a nice older neighborhood. Im mowing along and a guy pulls up in a truck and tells me to watch out cause these people dont pay their bills. I come to find out he was Joey homeowner who lost his job and bought a ZTR. He was mowing like 40 lawns in this development. He lived a few doors down from the client and was cutting each lawn for about $35. I was getting $50 then. I payed little mind to him, but kept close watch on the customer. They have never been late, always paid within 5 days, and a few times added $50 tips. I still mow them to this day.

    Another place we go I was mowing and a neighbor came through the woods and walked right up to my mower. He claimed that I was getting grass in his pool. The pool was 150 feet away through 50 feet of woods, across another 50 feet of lawn, and over a 6' vinyl fence and across a patio. He demanded I bag the clients lawn and clean his pool with the skimmer each week. If I didnt he was going to tell the homeowner. I told him he was harassing me and he better leave me alone. He told me he was going to kick my butt if I didnt do what he wanted. I dont mow that yard anymore, but I do mow the other side of his lot and make sure to park in front of his house every week.
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    I've got an older customer ( lady in her 80's) and her neighbor is nosy whinning b!@#$. She complain that we don't do as good of a job as her lawn monkeys. B.S.!!! Old neighborhood and the driveways are only 3' apart. If both companies are there at the same time my guys blow more grass of her yard than the company she hired.

    She also complains constantly to my ustomer about the condition of the customers yard.
    Client is in her 80's and has better things to worry about. Neighbor is ion her 50's has irrigation and way too much nitrogen.
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    hahaha wow, probably one of the better ones i heard! classic.

    haha nitrogen, hahahaha
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    Not Sure If The First Story Is What You Were Looking For. Here Is One More. Picked Up New Customer. As I Am Cutting I Look Across The Street And The Neighbor Is Out. She Keeps Her Yard Manicured. Works On It All Day Long. I Finish Cutting And Put The Mower Away. Here She Comes. I Was Going To Compliment Her On The Yard But, Before I Could She Tells Me That I Can Not Park There. Excuse Me I Said. She Tells Me I Can Not Park There. Its Her Guys Spot. I Said I Am Sorry But I Am Parked On The Right Side Of The Road And That I Can Not Park On The Other Side Because It Is The Hydrant Side. She Says That Is Not Her Problem. I Lost It Told Her F Off. If She Didn't Like Where I Was Parked To Call The Police And Get Out Of My Face I Got Work To Do. That Was The First Time In 18 Years I Did Something Like That. I Got To Admit It Sure Felt Good. The Police Never Came And She Never Said Another Word About It.
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    My day job is mowing for a property management company, and we do some 600 units all told, so you can imagine all the differing opinions on how we work. There is this one lady, i call her "My biggest fan" since she hates me. When ever we do anything with-in sight of her building she comes out and stares at me.
    In front of her townhouse is a ~50 s.f patch of grass, with a 5' diameter tree bed right in the middle with a young green ash that has far to many low branches. Anyways we mow with a 48" walk behind, and as you can imagine, in the interest of time and efficiency, the patch gets bordered, and the tree gets bordered and that's pretty much it for mowing. Well, not for her as its not. our second mow of the season She comes out one day and tells me I dont know how to mow, that I'm lazy and shes going to get me fired. Just that day she said, she mowed a yard ad left lines in it. So i just stare blankly at her, and say "Ma'am when i have more then a piece of toilet paper to mow, yes, i will "S-t-r-i-p-e" it. If you'll look out your window into the commons, you'll notice the s-t-r-i-p-e-s i left, the ones the president of the HOA told me looked so very nice." She shut up, ran inside, called my boss and said that i looked at her "in a sexual manner", and i need to be fired on the spot.
    Now my poor standards in the opposite sex have often been called into question, but staring longingly at a 5'2" ~250lb 60 year old women in a new low even for me. I guess my boss laughed in her ear, and hung up on her. She hasn't called back to complain yet, she just stares....
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    5'2' ~250...thats my type of woman!

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