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    Mowing equipment package for sale. It is a complete set-up and eveything is in like new condition and was used very little. Sorry it took so long to get info and prices posted.
    1. 2007 16' tandem axle trailer with brakes, break away, rear and side gates, treated floor, Trimmer trap trimmer racks, E-z gate lift system and storage box with gas cans. Box has a few cracks in it but still serves it's purpose.
    2. 2008 Exmark 60" Lazer Z EFI with only 162 hours a Kohler Command SP 28 fuel injected motor, suspension seat, stripe kit and the foot controlled Power Chute System.
    3. 2008 Scag SW36A-16KAI 36" belt drive walkbehind, with the Hurricane Mulch System, a Kawasaki FH480V 16 hp motor and 2 sets of blades. Used less than 10 times. Still looks showroom besides a scratch on the trim side of the mower.
    4. 2008 Exmark MSKA21B 21" 3 speed self propelled mower, with a Kawasaki FJ180V Commercial 6 hp motor with the mulch kit and bag.
    5. 2008 Stihl BR 600 backpack Blower
    6. 2008 Stihl Sh 85 shred vac/handheld blower
    7. 2007 Echo CS-520 chainsaw with 20" bar
    8. (2) 2008 Echo SRM280T high torque trimmers

    Everything was used very little and runs and looks great. I purchased everything brand new and was the only one to use the equipment. I have all of the paper work and can answer any of your questions. I am located in Evansville, In. 47630. I can be reached anytime at 812-204-6004. You are more than welcome to come inspect/use/ride the equipment. I have set my selling price at $14,000. That is what it will take to buy this package. I am not open to offers. If you have any questions please ask. The truck is also for sale but is not included in the $14,000 package price. The truck is a 2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Sport 4x4 with the Hemi, 20" wheels, CD player, bedliner, chrome bedrails and side steps and the husky floor liners front and rear. Price on the truck is also FIRM at $17,000. Any questions or if you need me for anything just call me at 812-204-6004. I know opions are like a$$holes and everybody has them, but I am not hear to play games or listen to peoples bull $hit comments. If you don't need any equipment or think I am over priced move onto the next thread. I know how much money I have in this and what kind of deal it is for someone. Don't feel that you have to leave smart a$$ comments. Get a life, get a job, educate yourself on what high end equipment costs and maybe someday you can afford to stop buying your mowers from Home Depot and own some of the good stuff you see on the pro's trailers.
  2. toddy204

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  3. toddy204

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  4. toddy204

    toddy204 LawnSite Senior Member
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  5. toddy204

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    more pics of mowers



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    That Scag is mint! Good luck on the sale!
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    Ya Ya I know. I misspelled opinion. Even perfect people make mistakes. Just kiddin!! This was the third time that I tried loading this up and all of the pictures. Was in a hurry to say the least. I was about to give up.
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    PM sent to you. Let me know if that can work or not. I really want the trailer.
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    Man that stuff looks brand new!!!
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    Nice new equipment ... why are you selling ??

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