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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eastview Landscaping, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Hey there, I met with a developer that asked me to give anestimate on mowing roadsides, & common areas in a new subdivision . 92 lots , most with 60 foot frontage, .He asked for a price per lot, only mowing 10 ft. roadside to utility boxes / and clean outs . 2X per month I was thinking around $ 3.00 to $4.00
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    I'd charge $1.00 per minute/per lot.
  3. Eastview Landscaping

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    ok $1.00 per minute but how do I time each lot when I am running down the roadside doing 40 -50 lots at one time...??
    ok should I mow each lot by itself and keep moving down the road like that? ! ?:dizzy: dont think so
  4. Mowing not my specialty, but I do a little. Figure the sq footage for each section, not each lot, and determine a price for each section including mowing, trimming , blowing. Add up all sections for total price. You must price your existing jobs by sq ft. Either price per sq ft, or by the time it takes to mow x amount of turf. Remember, mowing 2x per month will increase time.
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    3.50 per lot would sound about right for frontage mowing.
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    Been there, done that. Did 11 sub-divisions in 3 counties for a developer for 3 seasons. I finish mowed 1 pass (5ft) past the power boxes and lamp post bi monthly and the lots were bush hogged 4 times yearly. It was very hard on equipment and time consuming because of construction debris and tire ruts left by sub-contractors as homes were being built on the lots. I had a provision in the proposal for removal of "normal road debris" and another for removal of "sub-contractor dumping clean up. There were also many lot fronts that become unmowable during the course of the season because of rutting. These had to be maintained with a weed-eater. We did a lot of chemical trimming in these sub-divisions and saved tons of time trimming. I based the price on $50.00 per man hour. The roadsides were hard on equipment, the common areas were cake and the retention ponds were always too steep. We did OK until the developer sold out the properties. Good luck
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    good ideas guys thanks a lot . I submitted proposal At $3.50 per lot with provisions on rutting and trash /construction debris..hope they take it cause I also found out that they are preping another 120 acre site right next door to this subdivision and will add this in for estimates.. The president of the company is a friend and I have been maintaining his home for 3 years ..

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