Mowing Every 10 Days....or 2 Weeks

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OKIEMIKE, Jun 9, 2008.


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    Anybody Else Getting These Customers That Say....i Only Want My Lawn Mowed Every 10 Days? I Have A New Account That They Want It Mowed Every 2 Weeks, I Am Forced To Bag Becasue I Leave To Much Grass Behind With A 10 Day To 2 Week Mowing. This Is Bermuda Grass And With The Rain We Have Been Getting It Gets Pretty High In That Amount Of Time.
  2. MileHigh

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    I won't do a 10 day schedule-(It's way to crazy) I'll do bi-weekly but I'll charge them for it too.

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  4. Mark

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    :usflag: Unreal if they want it cut that way charge them for two cuts, That puts your schedule in a mess and the extra time must be charged for. I would never consider 10 day cuts, infact id drop the account asap, it also is not good on your equipment, and what if it rains you out in those 10 days, then your really up the creek..........Marks Mowing Service
  5. chesterlawn

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    Bi weekly cutting may be the norm in a couple of years. That may be all some customers will be able to afford.
  6. CT18fireman

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    I do every two weeks if the customer wants. I charge 1.5 the price to cut and then add in if they want it bagged as well. Some don't and don't care about the clippings. It bothers me and certainly don't use them as a reference but whatever they want.

    I won't do 10 days because it messes up the schedule too much.
  7. jaredslawnserv

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    I get plenty of these people, usually i talk them into a weekly cut. if they still stick with the bi-weekly thing, charge them for it.
  8. Yuanding

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    Once every two weeks is the norm over here in the UK. There's a sizeable minority who want every three works or even once a month. Only about one in four I do are once a week. I tell people my advice is weekly and its better for the grass that way, but most are unmoved. let's face it, IF THEY REALLY CARED
  9. Tharrell

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    HA! I had a customer that I've cut for several years weekly want to go to "on call". Well, of course it was knee high when they called and I charged them for it, there's some pics on here somewhere in my name. The head guy called and wanted to know wtf with the charges!!!

    Huge area, 4 times the other stores
    Septic system=thick grass
    Knee high grass
    20 days between service
    2-3 times normal service time
    Out of my route schedule
    Governer always engaged
    Blade belts ruined
    Possible spindle damage on left spindle, we'll see
    The most important reason=I just hated it
    I charged him 4 times the usual amount because of all of the above, 3 times.

    Now this store is inconvenient for him also and his other guy in his reguler area will drive 30 miles and cut this turd "on call" for $50!!!
    I'll have to see that!
    I explained to him his company requirements for me and what I represent when I roll onto the property. I bring at least $40k in capital with me when I roll in. I'm not using a Murray push mower in the trunk of a Hundai.
    Needless to say, we parted ways. I signed an agreement for another district a few days before but somehow this guys area is on call according to him.
    I pass the location occasionally so, we'll see how he does! Tony
  10. bobcatnj

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    no bi weekly cuts for me. i had enough of that crap. one customer made me stop bi weekly completely. after a month of "my lawn didnt grow at all", i show up to cut it and its 2 ft high. i just kept on driving hahaha.that was the end for everyone who wanted bi weekly. i'm not here to save the customer money.

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