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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOMER, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. HOMER

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    Just had a guy call me wanting to swap out mowing for radio advertisements. I thought about this and it might not be a bad idea. Both areas he wants cut are small and he only wants them done twice a month. I can do this easily and its on my route anyway. He told me that whatever I charged him monthly he would double it in advertisements. If he does that then I think I will be the only one in my area advertising on the radio.

    The market he sells to would be classic country and Christian music, not a bad market in my opinion.

    Pro's or con's??????????????????????

    I'm leaving to meet with him in 1/2 hour or so.
  2. LScom Addict

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    Make sure that the advertisements will be on a station like the oldies or something that is frequently heard by offices. Radio ad's although very expensive can be a great form of soliciting your business. If they are a rock station, or country station forget about it. You want to be heard throughout professional buildings. Thats why I say go for the oldies, or office type listening formats.
  3. geogunn

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    based on your assessment of out of pocket costs to you, what do you have to lose? just make sure you sockitto him on your front end cost to get your air time moneys worth.

  4. syzer

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    Sounds goo to me, I think that would be a fair trade off. The more ppl hear your name the more "household" it gets. Thats the way I want to be in my area. When someone mentions lawns, I want them to think "Precision Landscaping".
  5. Green Finger

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    Go for it. He is giving you access to a larger market. People will begin to call by the millions, you'll have to hire more help. Get those pretty rigs and before you know it, you'll be on the front page of one of THOSE landscaping magazine. Just want to say, I knew that guy .

    But in all seriousness go for it.
  6. Freetime

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    I tried this one time when we started out(five years ago) and got two or three calls from it. Did not trade out ad cost was $152.00 per month and air time was to be during radio "flea market" on a small AM station in town. Most calls came from people on social security and could not afford our service. Some people even called to try and sell us the "old Murry out back",(yes sir're will be right there to pick her up) we politly told them we had more than enough equipment.

    Just have the guy specify the time your ad will air and make sure and listen to it. Does not sound like a bad idea if you get your mowings worth.
    Hope this helped a little bit.

    mo,mo,mo yo self quickly to de bank!
  7. Country and Christian radio? What's that? I belong to the church of Howard Stern myself.

    The people who have the money in my market listen to conservative talk radio.
  8. GrassMaster

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    Hello Homer:

    Find out what their rates are?

    The ones around here are about a Dollar a second? How hard they work compaired to you?

    I had some Co-op help & at a Country music station, I got about a $1,000 worth at about $250 my cost before the July 4th weekend. I was offering 10% off on everything in the store & some stuff was already discounted on sale & this 10% was deducted off the top of that TOO!

    Not one person claimed they heard the Commercial.

    I would have been 10 times better off spending it on a 21 year old 6' Blonde at a Strip Joint that is working her way through College at the Auburn University!

    They Grow nice ones there at that College! :) They come over the State Line & Strut their Stuff!
  9. HOMER

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    Well I went and looked at the 2 sites. Both of them together might take an hour total.

    I will find out what their rate is and I also will find out what times the ads will be aired, won't do me much good if it's after midnight!

    Stone, I'm sorry to hear your future is bleak, I'm looking forward to mine. The people that participate in those call in shows are all arrogant and opinionated anyway, I don't want or need customers like that.

    Grassmaster, I know what you mean bruthu!!!!!!!!!!!! Southern Bells all the way!

    The ad, in and of itself, might not generate much, I guess I'll have to find out, but the guy I talked to knows thousands of people and is well liked, that word of mouth thing might kick in after a while and who knows.

    I really have nothing to lose, if the ads generate zippo then I let him know it's not helping and I'll say see ya...................!

    Thanks for the input!
  10. T-Bone

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    Ask him if you can get your advertisement aired in the morning or evening maybe when people are going or returning home from work, or maybe during the morning show if they have one.

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