Mowing for free - shelters, non profits, seniors, etc...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Holland, Jan 26, 2013.

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    We do. I have two elderly ladies I cut for free. The first I used to cut before her husband passed away last year. She informed me she couldn’t afford our services anymore. After two months I drove by and saw the lawn grown up so I started cutting it for free.
    The second is a lady that lives by me, nobody visits her so I stop by and cut it every once in a while. I figure the good deeds will pay off in the end. Plus I place a yard sign with my advertisements in their yard, so I get some advertisements out of them.
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    Many times you pointed out this is your choice and is easy for you. Exactly, it is your choice so why the animosity towards people who do not choose your way? You enjoy the freedom of choice but do not want to extend it to others.

    If you want to work for free that is fine. It is your business, your materials, your supplies and your labor. Like it was stated earlier, you not working for free, you are paying to work. Nobody is saying you can't.

    I don't believe selfishness has anything to do with it. What does not working for free have to do with being charitable? You choose to be charitable absorbing the cost of mowing a person's yard and providing free labor. I choose to be charitable in a different way.

    I don't give discounts, I don't absorb the costs of a customer's project and I don't provide free labor. I am making a living for my family by running my business this way.

    I applaud you for being charitable but don't look down your nose at others you assume are not charitable because they do not choose the same charity as you.
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    If you want to do some free work that's fine, but be careful or you will go out of business. Do not believe for a moment that you need to do churches or non profits for free. Those running the majority of these companies are drawing extremely large salaries. Why then should you go in and operate at a loss? Does that seem fair?
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    I mow the local "no kill" Humane Society property a mile from our house. Although I do not agree with many of the views of the Humane Society itself, these local shelters do a lot of good, so don't charge them at all. It would probably be a $50 - 60 account, if it were a paying one.
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    Never work for free. That's what we were told by one of our own customers.
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