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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Expert Lawns, Apr 2, 2003.

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    This year i will be mowing for 3 of my neighbors. two across the street and one next door. is this a good idea? they are all $35 lawns. being neighbors, i can mow them when i mow mine. no mobilization time, i can just take off on my Z and go. it sounds really good and its good money, but are there any downfalls that you guys have ran into? thanks for the replies.
  2. jmcooper

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    I mow 3 of my neighbors yard and never had a problem. I have turned down a few close by because they are PITA's. Not that nice of neighbors so I tell them my schedule is full. I had one right across the street from me ask me for a quote, I told him $40 and he asked me if that was for the month, one of the PITA.
  3. Ground Effects NH

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    I mow for two neighbors, one weekly Never a problem.
    The other across the street, When temp get to high I
    will mow for him he is on oxygen. Funny he will say I'm
    NOT DEAD YET then ask me in for a cold one,2,3,+ :drinkup:
    (His wife will tell me that he LOVES the stripes and all my Toys)
    Never tells me
  4. Ray&Christine

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    I don't work for neighbors anymore. If you ever have a problem and dump them (or get fired by them) you still have to see them. I did the lawn and snow for the people 2 door down from me. They expected their snow to be done first, they wanted me to move things(pick-up and delivery service) for them in my truck and they thought this was included in monthly lawn cutting fee. I got home from a long week-ends out of town and don't even get a chance to shut off my truck before they on me asking for something. After this when I have been asked by other neighbors to do some work for them, I tell them I'm too booked up and can't do it.

  5. TJLC

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    I mow a few of my neighbor's lawns. Knock on wood, no problems, yet. This may seem cold but I DO NOToffer them discounts of any kind just because they are my neighbor's. I give them the same dependable, reasonable service as all my other customers.
  6. I do 2 of my nieghbours and have never had any trouble I give a little bit of a discount because they are so convenent. the one accross the street from me is great i can do it in under 10 minutes including trimming extra 5 min for blowing and edging and i get $ 20 for 15 min work. its a guys rental place and his son and his friend live there and are really fun people , you can just chill with them after work.
  7. fatboy5803

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    I mow for one neighbor three doors down, no problems. I live in a sub-division and all my customers are fairly close, so less travel time :)

    Lou :cool:
  8. paponte

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    You just have to understand that business is totally seperate from friendship. If they dump you, apparently your not doing a good job, or they just want to save some money. You can't let it affect your personal friendship. :cool:
  9. mklawnman

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    Thats where I started my business, considering I live in a subdivision that has lawns of up to 2acres, just drive down the street and mow this one and that one. Only problem is that they are neighbors so I'm always alittle bit tentative to raise the price on their lawns, so as long as I live in the subdivision most of the accounts will stay at the price that i have set for them. They are usually $5 cheaper than a similar size lawn outside my subdivision, considering I dont have to trailer them around, just drive them to each lawn and a trimmer, yes looks funny looking but everylawn looks professionally striped:D
  10. Shuter

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    I maintain one neighbor in exchange for carpentry work.

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