Mowing for Target Corporation Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Mid MOwer, Mar 25, 2011.

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    I received a call today, 3/25/2011, from a logistics company that said I was referred to them from my insurance agent. The logistics company is a middleman that works for Target Corporation, (the shopping "Target") that hires competent lawn maintenance companies to manage Target properties. I received all of the information from them today and they aren't taking bids, they are telling you what they will pay you ($390.78/mo) and they want every service under the sun and do an extensive background check to ensure you can handle everything that happens on the grounds from within your own company i.e. sprinkler, certified arborist, tree spade equip. water truck etc. I am a smaller business and don't think I will even be considered but figure what have I got to loose?

    The only thing I don't like is that they they demand all of these services and are only going to pay you $97 a week. I would like to know if anyone has managed a Target in there area and how there relationship/experience was with them? I am thinking I would rather decline the offer and pickup two residential accounts to cover 97 a week.

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    Is the management company spelled USM? From what you say, how in the world can you supply all those services for less than $100 a week?
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    Send them your bid for the work you may be the only one to respond. You have nothing to loose.
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    I have had the experience that the guys who currently work for (the company) Target like the ... custodian or 'gardener' what ever trying to get a job upsell in which this, "Employee" is able to leverage the management to make the establishment give him more money for a little more work...

    This is always a losing proposition for 'outside' bidders... If the custodian had a clue and the management had a clue, you might waste your time on these clowns... JMO... :)
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    Out of all the majors handling box stores, that would be the one that I would steer clear of.

    I will say that I do work for a certain National and I have had nothing but good things to say about them.

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    I've worked for Springwise, Divisions, Genesis... Bid on USM properties...

    All they are concerned about is money. They all want you to do something for nothing. There is no concearn about quality. I've stoped doing work for most of the "management companies" there is no way you can make any money working for them. This is my oppion.
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    Do we need prestige gigs like that?

    Some potential clients, property managers, corporations want all of the bells and whistles and qualifications and a low ball bid too. They expect us to bow to their every whim and agree to their redicuous demands or breaches of contract without saying a word.

    Yet do we ever really receive enough compensation for all of the headaches,
    stress and loss of sleep (hair) that they can cause? Meanwhile, what are they making
    and what sort of bonus do they get every year, because they got their landscape budget down again?

    In the interest of getting more respect for our jobs, we should all have been plumbers.
    Except We'd still be putting up with _ _ _ _

    Sorry guys, tough week here dealing with heavy handed large property management company office politics and head games, and strata (hoa) council apathy.

    I love my job and I love scoring a great contract.
    It's the minority that can send us into
    a whirl.

    If Target sets the price, are you their employee or are you still considered an independent contractor?

    Good luck this year.
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    I was mowing 2 walmarts herr in NC through corporate walmart. They hired usm to manage properties. I had to re-bid. The bids included all kinds of extra stuff we wern't doing. I submited a bid and did win wither property. I shop at these local walmarts and none of the stuff that was in the bid packages are being done! Just the mowing.

    I'm working with the local managers to get the stores back. Good luck to every one out there. :usflag:
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    Horrible company to work for! Unreasonable expectations. No contact people. They say they will return calls only if they feel necessary. I delt with them 12 years ago sending them food. Terrible pay! we worked on their properties thru Agmg (Affiliated grounds Maintanance group inc) the owner's husband Rich only looks out for himself and has no spine to stand up against Target. Because he can loose more money from upsetting other targets. So your money is expendable as long as he gets his. And a 20 year store manager that has been caught lying on pictures can put a halt to your pay. Watch both of these companies. Call me if you need mote exact details. As far as I am considered we will not do another job for either company. Affiliated is the worst.
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