Mowing for Target Corporation Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Mid MOwer, Mar 25, 2011.

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    More than likely they may be just getting competitive bids just because they have too ...usually someone is getting their pocket packed in most of these situations hense the reason why the work is being done still by a company that is more than likely already chosen ....Happens all the time ...Its the way the world turns in these companies ....
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    Think of it this way, if you went by Mr. C. Rappy Lawn's house and he said, I want to look your books over and see how efficient you are, how would you respond? I think I would say "it was nice knowing you, good day." Why are so many so willing to bend over with a smile for a big company, but don't for the average joe? Because they are narcissistic and they are proud to tell everyone they provide the lawn care for Wal-Mart, Target, etc. even though it is more like being in prison than having a job that pays. If, however, you can turn that into a selling point for gaining other customers, you might be able to justify it, that is until you get the other decent customers and then you give them a courtesy notice that you decline to renew the contract unless they are willing to pay a reasonable fee for the service you provide.
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    well put.....very true.....
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    Target is a good company to work for direct. They pay their bills on time and demand excellence in their properties. The only issue is that the rates offered for sites is extremely low. This is not targets fault, it is the fault of the people bidding on the work. They have driven the price down so low it remains hard to find profit at these rates. I have a ten year history working for them and I work direct with Target no middleman. I am scared that I will lose business this year because the rates just keep getting lower. I manage 30 sites and cannot do this work to lose money. I would hope that a store like Target that wants a nice property would just simply pay a fair price to a good contractor to do the work. It seems like this way of business is hard to find any more. After 21 years this business is much different then what it was when I started. I am now focused more on residential customers. If you do a good job you can make more money and keep your job longer then working for all these fortune 500 companies.
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    We did a target for a national a couple years ago it wasn't bad they were picky though. I looked at it this year, the bid was crazy, wanted our pricing on materials (or no more than a 10% mark up). I have an issue with those type of things, I buy my mulch in semi loads at wholesale pricing, to make extra money, I have the space & equipment to store & load, I have an issue with doing all that for 10%, especially when the garden center is getting better than 40% and still selling at "contractor pricing".
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