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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ADVANCEDOHIO, Nov 7, 2009.

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    I do work for a local business in my area who deals with the banks on these properties. Basically the banks want a one stop shop, someone who can do the mowing, a property clean out, and usually fix up the house so that it can be sold.

    MY biggest problem with the bank is they usually wait to have the initial mowing done until they are up against the wall. For example, I have bid about 10 properties for this company for this mowing (usually eow) starting in about march we were bidding them. Well now the bank is getting all of these letters from the cities to get them mowed. So then we get called from the company to mow these asap. Half of them are in the area that is later in the week (thursday friday) so its just a huge hassel. I finally told the guy to tell the bank to be a little more proactive and not wait until the last second because half of these properties are about 2 feet tall the first time we get to them. Theres trash rocks you name it.

    well he didnt like that very much so we will see how many more i get. Im not desperate for them. They are decent money makers, but jsut a pain in the ass.
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    I have 3 guys including myself we do lawn care in ohio we need work we do good on what we do we r hard workers so if u could use us either give me a call at 740 500 9047 or email me at
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    I dealt with a guy that bought a foreclosed property to fix it up and resell it. Nice guy. Worked out well...Lawn looked nice...I got payed
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    so doe any have any idea on how to actually bid these? im guessing to take the regular price and x2 to get something that makes it worth it but not to much to run the bank off ex. 60x2 =120 or should i just give them a large price like times it by 3 ?
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    One of the lenders I do work for pays "up to" $200 for the initial lawn service. I mow, then submit my invoice.

    I've gained a level of trust with the brokers and agents, though.

    I'm under contract to service these lawns, weekly (@ $60/per). No letting it get over-grown. I also provide all the services listed above to get the homes ready for market.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the help.
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    What exactly do you mean by "team"? And what kind of "package" are you referring to?

    By lender are you referring to something like a local credit union or small community bank?
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    They don't want to pay much at all and want more and more work done for the same price. Another pain is that they want pictures and I mean a bunch of pictures 3 or more of both the front and back and they have to be emailed within 24 hours or no pay.
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    I know this is an older thread, but on my Google search this one came up.:)

    My hubby and I are in search of gathering information needed so that we start our own business doing lawn care/house cleaning and maintenance for homes that are repoed by the banks. My husband is a very good handyman and likes the part time work he has been doing, but it is time for us to move on and become self-employed.

    If you could help us get this going with all of the "How-to's" and how to get the contracts/bids, etc., we would be forever grateful.

    Thank you so much~
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    You can really lose your ass on these. Unless its all in writing, the price is right, and you need the work, stay away.

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