Mowing Foreclosed/Bank Owned Properties...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ADVANCEDOHIO, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. ncpete

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    DJM, how many do you get? I am talking with an outfit about doing foreclosed properties here, but cannot yet get an answer as to how many properties I can expect to service, and whether it is realistically weekly cuts on them. If it were 10 properties each week, I would consider it worth my time for the work. If it is one or three? not so much.
  2. DJMLawns

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    In the spring I start with 30-35 got up to as much as 45 but as the sell the list goes down. This time of the year they dont really release any new ones so now im back down to 30 but next spring could be as much as 50+..never had less then 30 though and they are all weekly cuts
  3. Sonshines

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    Actually, we were paid quite well. And made a nice beautiful drive for the whole family. We recently had to take an hours drive for 2 houses, and they will pay well for our time, work, and gas.

    Hubby has a mower- walk behind, weed whacker, and plans to get a few more items (snow blower). Also, a lady just asked him to do her yard for her next summer.

    But with the bank repoes, we just need help (hopefully here) on the how to's to get that set up, accounts, bids, as he works just part time for someone else....

    BTW, I have read through some of the business questions, but haven't come across the questions I'm looking for (for the most part).

  4. NuLifeLawnCare

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    I have worked with companies that work for banks and directly for local banks. Working directly for a bank has been a lot better for me. You don't have to take pictures of what your doing and they pay average price for service. Companies that service banks take there cut and make you take pictures and deal with a lot of paperwork. The prices most, not all,are willing to pay are a lot less than you would really like. Its all about finding the company or bank that best fits you. Many people have been doing very well at this for years.
  5. brycesepp

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    I make great money at this but of course i do it after investors buy the property from the bank and i have to clean the landscaping up.
  6. jrs.landscaping

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    Could you elaborate on "well paid" :)
  7. Sonshines

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    They paid us $210.00 covering gas, time, and work involved.
  8. Ormond32176

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    You need to do some math then...
  9. Mahoney3223

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    Annnnnd this is why mowing is so cut throat.
  10. Sonshines

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    The way we (hubby & I) look at it, we do an honest job. If the guy (his boss) undercuts us, then he will answer for that when his appointed day arrives.

    When we can get our own business going, we will do honest work for an honest wage, and not worry if the neighbor is getting paid more for doing less...because at the end of the day, we have to answer to it.


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