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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 35DollarLawns, Dec 16, 2013.

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    And now that's a question I ask you to answer. How many jobs was you doing before you added 3-4 more?
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    I don't have exact data as I never worked a two man crew out of a truck bed with one mower. I upgraded long before even maxing myself out of the bed.

    But, I did come up with something. The set up you are talking about I think we would do about 11 a day. With the set up of two mowers and trailer we can do about 15 and it would be easier. That is for us. We bag fronts, go through beds and other stuff.

    If you take 4 more properties a day at $45 per that is $180 per day at just four days a week that is $720 a week. Assuming a 26 week season that is $18,720 more in revenue.

    As well as more revenue if you get behind and have two mowers you can take a couple days and focus on just mowing to get caught up on that route. Skip a few minor things that week, do them the following week. With one mower out of a truck bed you can't do that.

    Lastly weeds in beds shouldn't be much as you go. Pre in the Spring and Round Up a few as you go. There are several weeks in the year where we do not find any weeds in the beds.
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    Thank you for those details, good points.
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