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  1. RNH

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    I don't know about you guys, but all I do is think and dream about my business. I love this kind of work, I've been doing it for ten years and am finally jumping to fulltime, "Yippie". Theres nothing like being your own boss, and trying to build your business. I love bidding jobs and then looking back at the work that we just did. My wife thinks I'm nuts. She finds me going out to the shop two or three times a day, just to look at all my equipment that I've bought thru the years. I'ts a great feeling to know it all started with a Crafsman 21" mower. And now I owen several commercial mowers and run two trucks thru the season. God I love this Job...
  2. kutnkru

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    I am one of the few people who actually loves their job, and work environment.
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    I Gotta agree ....working outside maybe hot sometimes but seeing what's going on around us is Life working for one's self is very satisfying & watching her grow is like watching a child become an adult
  4. joshua

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    i am in total agreemnet with you guys, i know when the cutting season is over i'm sad and right now i'm so excited that i can't wait and sleep at night sometimes. it has to be in your blood to do something like this. going part time for 4 years with school and stuff, i'm excited about 3/4 time this year. almost done with school but start college in the fall. i don't know about you guys but if i could work all day year round i would without even having to think about it.
  5. jimsny

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    I did this through collede and have done it part time now for 6 years and I L O V E I T !!!

    I too am unuasually excited this year sa I purchased that new eXmark ECS hydro walkbehind which will arrive next week or so!!!

    My friends are not into it and they know I am nuts about ALL aspects of the mowing business. They think I'm strange. They just don't understand me like all of you do... I Love You Man (women & and fellow turf lovers)for it is you who truely understand my intense feelings about this topic.

    Fellow turf lovers... START YOUR ENGINES!!! (and dream of doing so in the off season)
  6. lawnboy82

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    i totally agree with you guys except-
    i do tree work. i have said to myself that i will never drag brush for anybody other than myself from now on. well today i went and dragged brush through basically a mud pit. the owner of the business who i have known for 3 years
    so he just sat on his backhoe or stood next to the chipper and did diddlie i am now tired and pissed. i have to send my guy there tomorow to help them
  7. TJLC

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    I think you guys have been cooped up a little too long. LOL

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