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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HazellLawnCare, Oct 8, 2004.

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    Ok tonight I went to my high school football homecoming. The field looked sick, you could tell that the school district is taking care of it because its mowed round and round. I know the field could be very good because I helped install it six years ago when I was a senior playing football. My thoughts were to go to the school district and the athletic director and offer to take care of the football and baseball complex free of charge. The only stipulations would be that they let me have total control of the fields and irrigation systems. The one thing I would ask in return would be a nice sign on the fences at both fields to advertise and for a half page add in the sports programs. Does this sound fair? I know for a fact my zero turn with a striping kit will make the fields looks totally different that their kubota with a belly mower.
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    The highschool I worked at did that for the varsity baseball field and it worked out great for the school, he spent all the money, they got a nice looking field. Then it started costing too much so he threw in the towel and we were back to doing it again. In respect the guy going round and round, he probabbly doesn't even know what he's doing makes it look so bad, or he was improperly trained to begin with. When I first started I was put with 2 guys that mowed grass, but weren't groundskeepers. First one I met there was several years latter and that guy was the one that encouraged me to go to school and to Floyd Perrys training and so forth.
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    Sounds fair if it doesn't take you too long to mow it. If you had a 72" Dixie Chopper you could mow and strip it in 9 minutes. Thats what Dixie Chopper claims.
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    The only problem with this, is that the school would have a grievance filed against them so fast that their heads would spin. In most cases, when you take work away from the maintenance guys like that, the union steps affect their potential overtime. If it's some sort of operation that they just don't do, or are unable, then it's a different thing, but for mowing, Bubba usually wants to get out there and "get 'er done"!
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    Go farther than your name on the fence.
    Approach them with the idea of getting more. At least have them pay your supplies @ retail and get your name on the scoreboard. Maybe donate your time, but nothing more.
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    The school district that I maintain, ALL of the custodial / maintenance people wanted to bid out the mowing, because it gives them time to do stuff for the buildings to be operational.

    The guy with the mowing around and around and around, very well could just be a teacher or other person from the booster's club that does it, or even the coach.

    This was the situation that the schools that I mow was in, basically it had come down to if you wanted to be guarateed that your field was mowed before a game, get someone on the team to mow it.

    In Minnesota there's been quite a few budget cuts, as I'm sure with most places, especially after 9/11, and things that weren't imperative for the operation of the schools had gotten pushed aside.

    Anyways, it takes me about 35 minutes with a 60" Kubota, 28 hp diesel to mow the entire thing, but ours also is the infield part of a track setup, where you have an area for the high jump, pole vault, and long jump.

    If you were going to mow JUST the actual football field, from sideline to sideline, endzone to endzone, MAYBE 20 minutes. I can't believe that a Dixie would do it in less than 15, unless you just whip right around at the end of each turn and don't care if you tear up the turf in the meantime.

    Basically, instead of approaching them on just mowing the field, why don't you get an idea on doing the entire district? Or, work on getting the field, don't worry about showing your name, because people will all find out who's doing it soon enough if they care. Trust me. After that, the baseball coach will want you, and the soccer coach, the softball coach, then you might as well just do the whole school.

    However, if you start at one field for free, then they'll all want it done for free.

    There's a law in Minnesota, Title 9. You can't do something for one sport, and not do it for another.

    There's another problem you might run into as well.

    The football coach might want you to do it, but then the softball coach goes to the board and says "why does the football team get special treatment". Even though you are "getting paid" with the free advertisement, they'll want to do the same thing.

    If you were to get paid, say from the booster's club, then it's a different story.

    At my school, each team can basically do whatever they want as long as they raise their own money to do so.

    Your best bet may end up going to the boosters instead of the school.

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