Mowing in a Prius Story Continued.....


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I was dumb and young at one time also . Now at 60 I can still easily lift 100 lb lawn mower . I choose to work smarter not harder and not do things like that . Save my lifting for the weight room 3 + days a week

I do agree with you. Definitely do not want to do that for 30-40 years. Now having multiple crews, I strongly prefer to treat them to the old adage, "work smarter not harder".


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I tried to log into my old account, (Enviroclean) after finding it was banned. I can't figure out why it was banned other than there was a lot of hatred in the previous threads where I posted the picture of our Prius Mowing setup with the Honda HRX's with fold up handles and stihl handhelds back in 2019.

I realized I promised in that thread, I'd update everyone on how it went and never did, so I figured I'd give you guys an update after mowing a season or two in the Houston Suburbs in the Prius.

If your one of the same people that responded with hatred in the previous thread, that got me and possibly a few others, please refrain from posting in this thread, because we don't need to heat stirred up.

With that said, here's the update!

Starting off it took a while to figure out how to make everything fit and get all of our routes set up. I winded up going with a 2 man crew in the first Prius. That crew averaged 20 to 25 yards per day our first year, mowing nothing but postage stamp yards, most lots being 3,000 sq feet sub division lots or less.

Despite all the hatred, I loved the idea and set-up, the Prius averaged $600. to $750.00 per day on most days and we spent less than $6.00 on the longest days on fuel for the Honda and the Prius

By the end of the year I decided to purchase a second Prius, with two more guys.

Fast forward to 2021, I laugh back on the Prius days, everyone here said it would fail and was a stupid idea.

Now we are in the process of purchasing (2) Ford Transits which will be all electric, that were recently introduced. >>>

I'm switching up plans a little bit with this one. I'll be swapping the guys Honda 21's out for the new Scag 30's and going from there.

Just as I predicted a few years ago without going into politics, I predicted and even mentioned in my post the way politics were headed, that there would be a day fuel would become $4 to $5. per gallon. With that said, I will continue with building my business on the energy efficient route, and continue selling it to customers just as that.

I probably won't be around here much, as I drew so much hatred from the site admin in past years with the business start-up. So much, that I don't care to be around here to respond, because I feel I was unfairly treated and judged.

However, I'll end with I wanted to give a final update to everyone and tell those that did encourage me thank you. I've been able to profit enough to take care of my newborn, may for my new mortgage, keep four guys busy, and this year we will be expanding to bigger and greater starting with two electric vans and bigger 30" mowers in hopes to produce more cash flow in a energy efficient way to fight against the days where $5.00 per gallon fuel is coming!

God Bless All of You.
Do you get any rebate on the $45K electric van?

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