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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fitzg2md, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Anyone do a significant amount of mowing in a semi-major city? You know the type...old row houses that have maybe 300 sqft front yards and maybe 400 sqft back ...if any back at all. Obviously a good 21 incher is all you could use, but I imagine you could do one of these yards in a matter of 10 minutes, cut blow edge etc. Maybe even quicker? Anyone do this?

    I am considering this, and think I could pickup a good amount of business doing this...wouldnt be a ton, but I could maybe keep a small crew busy for a couple days. There are probably a few trhousand of these packed into an area about 20 city blocks the route would be tight.

    Anyone see some obvious pitfalls that maybe Im missing? I dont know exactly what i would charge, but it would have to be under what my minimum is for normal suburb type yards. Example: Assuming I could easily knock out 5 of these in a hour charging 15 per yard would gross me $75 per hour with only small equipment to maintain (for that crew). This is assuming a 1 man crew. 2 people could theoretically do more than 5 an hour, but I think for such small properties the valuse of more employees would drop off quickly.

    May take a season or two to get enough yards to make this worthwhile, but I think there may be some ok cash in it? What do you guys think? Anyone do this or have done this in the past? -Mike
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    And like just-mowit, you would have to think about the parking issues, ie. no trailers, just toss the mower(s) in the back of a truck and go. Which would be fine for the lot sizes. Bagging, to me, would be the best route, less mess. May think about a exmark 26", though they are too heavy for 1 guy to lift into a truck...
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    i cut in the city. chevy one ton dump-14ft trailor - $30.00 per house - ten cuts a day - 8-2pm - three days a week - one day for shrubs and misc - easy $1200 cash - solo
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    I guess every city is different. Bagging does seem to be the best option...only would need to empty one time...when Im done mowing. Dump into the bed of the truck (maybe a dump insert with small sides?). Trailer wouldnt be too difficult in these parts...parking usually isnt an issue...maybe custome build a flatbed that has a storage area in rear near the gate, and a divided section in the front for clippings? I really dont think I could get 30 for these small I could even do it with a trimmer in under 15 minutes! More like 7! Maybe I will offer a few people a free mow so I can do a "test route"?
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    we cut in the city 4 days a week 8am-2pm never on fridays or long holiday weekends occasional sat ams until noon. 3/4 ton with a 16ft trailer. The draw backs are traffic, tight streets and sometimes parking issues. We usually have 1 day a week that we leave the trailer and get the properties that we have parking issues.

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