Mowing in the cold

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by B&SFTW, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. B&SFTW

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    am I the only one? I always read the manuals for my equipment, and see how it lists what oil to use for below 30 degrees. I always used to think "who would use this in that kind of cold", and now that I am doing this on a semi regular basis, I am. luckily I already put synthetic oil in my equipment, so the only issue I've run into is the cold (below 20) effecting trimmer string resilience.
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    Why would you need to mow below freezing temps? Frost on grass, not good to mow then.
    I would just shut er down for the season. If anyone wants late season leaf pickup, need to wait until frost is gone to mow...can damage lawns by leaving frost tracks.
  3. baileylawnservice

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    Coldest place in the world is stitting on a ztr holding on to the controls.
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    We will still mow in the cold...not really in the frost though. We have customers that still irrigate when temperatures are near freezing (air temperature not ground temps,) so we have to keep mowing.

    With that in mind, we do not however change our oil type to compensate for the colder weathers.
  5. B&SFTW

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    frost tracks?

    I've mowed, trimmed, and blown leaves around freezing for the last 2 falls. the last of the leaves wait to fall around here until we're already getting dustings of snow. the lawns just stopped growing a few weeks ago. I know how to dress for it, so it doesn't bother me. I wait to mow until the sun melts the frost, anyways, because it cuts better. Even on our coldest mornings the frost has been melting by 9 or so, and until then I can keep busy with other tasks. as for why, people are still wanting me to blow, mow, and trim their yards, and I can't turn down the work. people are understanding (I talk to them about it, first) that there will be leaves frozen to the ground that I may not be able to dislodge with the blower, but I am still able to effectively get 99% of the leaves off the ground. ever lawn I do, I get nothing but compliments from the owners, family, and even the neighbors, so I say bring it on!!

    like I said, I use synthetic fluids, so my equipment is safe from lubrication issues, which would be my main concern with it, I can handle a little 18 degree weather with 30MPH winds mowing and trimming an overgrown hill all day if at the end of the day the cash comes out.
  6. B&SFTW

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    I always run synthetic oil, all my cars and equipment all specify the same oil, so I just buy big jugs of it for not that much more than the cheap oil. plus, in the spring and fall, I never know when I'll be working in around freezing weather, so better to be safe than sorry in my mind.
  7. JCLawn and more

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    AS long as the motor turns over easy I don't worry about the oil. I still use 15-40 in my diesels in the winter. now if it was below 0 a lot then I would do something
  8. B&SFTW

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    my trimmer uses more oil with non synthetic, like briggs says it will (I was having to add oil mid job at some really big jobs), and if I'm buying oil, I like to just buy one kind. also, it's nice to know I have the extra protection for the engine when I mow hills for my mower, and my blower running at max RPM for extended periods. it's all personal preference. the synthetic also lets me change the oil less often, a nice little perk.
  9. meets1

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    Still doing leaves. We'll go till we get snow or frozen ground. Yes a little frosty right away but after that were rolling. There is a large spraying crew here...there still running 5 trucks a day. Warm shop. Equipment runs good. Only thing is our hedge trimmer once cold just cold blooded....hard to start. I am thinking I need light towers...keep going awhile after after 5 pm...hate the darkness so soon!
  10. ashgrove landscaping

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    I run my equipment regularly in low temps.. No sweat mang!!

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