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mowing in the north east


LawnSite Senior Member
when do you guys in t he north east from maine to new york think you will start mowing the end of this week the first of next?


LawnSite Silver Member
S.I., NY
in NYC, clean-ups are done and we're going on our 3rd round of cuts already. Gotta keep busy while the customers have there tax returns in hand.

K c m

LawnSite Silver Member
Philadelphia, PA
I'm not in the area you spoke of. Im from philadelphia and ive been cutting for about 3 weeks now. the grass is really growing. pain in the ass that i had to drop a few accounts since i am an apprentice and work 40 a week.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I'm finishing cleanups this week and I'm telling people I will be cutting next week. Also telling them to not feel bad about calling and asking for a cut since I am behind because of the lovely weather. A few here in western mass will need cutting this week but I'll get them next week when I start mowing full time.

RedMax Man

LawnSite Platinum Member
Dracut, MA
I got some to start cutting tomorrow and the rest of the week. Still have a few more cleanups and the rest i expect will be ready the week after. Grass is turning green rapidly and its reallly starting to grow:)


LawnSite Bronze Member
This should be my first full week of cuts Most lawns are growing like crazy now with all the rain we had.


LawnSite Member
Rhode Island
My spring clean ups are all done for my regular customers. I have a couple of one timers left. I started my weekly mowing on Thursday.