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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gonemowin1, May 13, 2010.

  1. gonemowin1

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    I know a lot of you on here mow in the rain and my question is this: what do you do about the grass stains/marks left on the sidewalks from the mower tires? I realize you try to minimize crossing walks as much as possible but what do you do where you can't?
  2. Charles

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    I have never done it before but you could bring some plastic to ride over.
  3. mcw615

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    (1) hand sprayer with Purple Power.
    - Apply product to tire over asphalt.
    (1) hand sprayer with water.
    - Apply water to rinse off product.
  4. jrush

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    I tried to beat the rain a few days ago, I got 1/2 way thru and the gates of hell opened up and dumped right on me (naturally) on top of sucking something fierce, the wet grass stuck to everything it came in contact with, the house, fence, driveways, sidewalks, etc.. it blows off very little if at all and I went home after 1 damn house. Complete waste of time and gas and the lawn looked like crap. I see a ton of guys out in the rain, and maybe I should also because I am backed up like crazy and they are calling for more tomorrow but I just don't like the way it looks when finished. And that Scag is damn heavy so it likes to leave tire marks and dig up grass. On the other hand I would be b!t*h!ng if it didn't rain and nothing was growing.
  5. EvenCutLawnCare

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    It seems to me that when you blow wet grass off of a WET widewalk you can do an extremely good job of getting the sidewalk spotless provided you take extra time and have a large enough blower. However, blowing wet grass off a dry sidewalk can pose a bigger problem and the only thing you can do to help is not drive over the grass on the sidewalk.
  6. yardguy28

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    i have definitly found that blowing grass off wet pavement does clean up extremely well but with extra time.

    on the rain note....i'm many people mow in the rain, how many wait until it stops raining and how long do the ones that wait for it to stop raining wait after it has actually stopped raining???

    i struggle with how long to wait for things to dry up every time it rains. i normally don't mow in the rain unless i'm already on a job when it starts. then i will finish up. but i struggle when to go out after it has rained. i try to wait as long as i can but like everyone else i don't like to be extremely behind. when it rains multipul days out of week being solo that creates a problem. i can handle a day of rain and being behind a day but when i get 2 or more days behind.........
  7. Knight511

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    I am a smaller outfit, so I can be more flexible... but I don't mow int he rain/wet. The fresh cut ends open the plant up to fungal problems... and none... I mean NONE of my customers in 13 years have ever argued with the practice... most are happy I won't mow in the rain and leave ruts/damage grass/etc... :)
  8. topsites

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    Same here, what don't get done today, there's always maƱana.
  9. coxslawncare

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    I mow in a light to normal rain but if it gets to heavy I wait it out. As long as I can mow and not damae the yard I am out there.
  10. ajslands

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    I have only started in the rain once. (last Friday), but if it starts coming down while I am mowing, I will still mow, even in lightning, but only on residentials
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