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    This is my first year in business, and I was wondering what some of the mowing models are being used. Over the summer, you typically mow weekly, but when does that start and end? Do you play it by ear, or do you have it spelled out in a contract? If it does go to every 2 weeks, what else are you offering? Do you just show up to edge, blow off, and maybe rake in the off weeks, but charge the same, drop the price, or how do you do it?
  2. If its just mowing im at 38 cuts/yr. May 1-Oct 30 every week then every other week. If they want leaves cleaned up in the winter its extra. No free lunches here.
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    You are thinking about it in terms of "how do I get paid when I am only showing up every two weeks?" Realign your thinking. On a $125/mo lawn, I don't want them to look at it as they are getting four cuts (or five on occasion) in the summer for that amount and getting only one or two during the winter for that amount. I want them to understand they are paying $1500 a year and it's simply divided into 12 equal monthly payments.

    Going every other week varies for me. Sometimes it will be as early as Nov 1. Other years as late as Dec 1. Just depends on what the lawn and hedges are doing. I have gone back to every week as early as late-March and as late as the second week in May. All depends on the weather. With most of my customers I pretty much explain to them the way it's going to work, and all but one in the past few years has understood and been happy with the arrangement. I am not guaranteeing a number of visits, but I do use an estimated number of visit to arrive at my monthly price. Some will ask specifically how often you will be there in the winter. Most of mine don't.
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    Thanks for the input, that model makes a lot of sense to me.
  5. Imo i would base your price off a specific number of cuts if all you are doing is cutting or services if you are doing more. I give people what they want and what they are paying for, that way there is no argument as to why aren't you cutting earlier or how come you won't trim those palms for free. With exception to 2 recent winters, the last 2 years weekly cutting or service started way early. Im not going to eat that bc it needs to be done sooner. If they want it, they can pay for it. There are exceptions to this depending on the customer and what exactly the property entails, but not a lot of exceptions. I have a buddy who works for VC and ALL of their contracts are specific as to exactly how many cuts will be done frequency of trimming etc. Do you think VC would just say well we will just eat 100 extra man hours cause the grass is growing quicker than usual but they aren't paying for it. HELL NO. You don't want to nickel and dime people, but def don't cut yourself short either.
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    Well said. I have told other people in the business to get out of per cut thinking. IMO it is not professional. I figure out what a landscape will need in a 12 month period and divide that into monthly payments. Contingencies, special problems, etc are factored in. No hidden charges or "that will cost you extra". If someone does not agree with that, they may go elsewhere.
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    Wow...185 views! I'm not the only one that got duped. Thought we was gonna see a babe on a mower.
    Best I could find without searching to hard:drinkup:

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    I base my monthly off of 42 cuts

    Weekly April-Nov1
    bi-weekly nov-mar

    I will throw in hedges for clients who do the yearly contract , in east Orlando nobody has hedges that consume a lot of time. Pretty standard for the area

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