Mowing muddy lawns + black tracks

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by americanlawn, May 7, 2007.

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    Any oppinions on this?

    We avoid mowing on muddy soil whenever possible. We prefer to allow the wet/soft soil to dry out first before running our mowers on these areas. I'm seeing "mud trails" on many lawns now, and it looks very ugly. Plus it kills turf. Kinda looks like "tic tac to".

    We prefer to allow soils to dry up before mowing. Sure - we have to eventually double-cut it, but the results are much more asthetic in the end. We avoid low (wet) areas until we can get a mower on it.

    What's your oppinion -- mow wet & leave mud tracks, or be patient???
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    You may get many opinions but obviously it is better to not mow it. But sometimes you are socked behind because of the rain and this stuff is growing like crazy. We have heavy red clay and it looks worse than it is. The thing that happens is that the weight of the mower squeezes water and mud and actually stains the grass blades. It looks like crap, checkerboard but if you were to walk up and clean the blades off there is no damage. The problem comes in turning and in some low spots you can actually bury the Z and that is bad. I have to admit I have stained the blades and explained my way out of it to the customer but I would prefer to not be in that situation.
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    I hear yuh -- today I mowed my 2 acre lawn. Skipped much of the b'yard cuz of standing water and mushy soil. We have sandy loam.

    Right now I feel bad for lawn mowing services -- hope things dry up soon. By the way, the Kentucky blue is going to seed here. Those seed stalks don't mow well.

    Later, American

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