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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by turkp15, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. turkp15

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    Lawn Lad

    Do you have anymore forms like that for other things ?

  2. LawnLad

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    I have lots of forms, many of which I don't use any more since they didn't seem to do the trick. We design something (e.g. form) that helps to meet an objective or goal we set. If it works we use it, if it doesn't we discard it. We may also change our goals or approach to something which may then render "forms" useless.

    For example I used to have a cazillion job descriptions (okay, only about 8 or 9) on the maintenance side. I've since simplified to about five. My theory changed on why I thought I needed more descriptions. Now I'm in the "let's simplify" mode.

    The best way to create forms that are helpful in your business is to set goals and then specific objectives to meet those goals. Brainstorm on solutions. The better the brainstorm (which comes through exposure to new ideas) the better the end result.
  3. turkp15

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    lawn lad could you please send me some of these forms so I could get an idea of where to go? or post an attachment on here

  4. drobson

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    I usually have 2 guys at each job. So we edge/trim at the same time and then mow/blow at the same time. Unless its a large property, then it sometimes changes.
  5. A1 Grass

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    Tried the edge/mow/blow order today. Definitely a cleaner cut. That's the way I'll do it from now on...
  6. GLAN

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    If your working alone.

    Edge first, then cut, line trimm the bed edges and where you missed with the mower or could not get (doing after the cut you only do what is needed)

    Edging first then cutting, you are then able to pickup some of that debris as your cutting. Leaving yourself an easier job blowing off at the end.

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