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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ZKSLAWN, Dec 1, 2010.


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    I've been having problems when trying to mow over and bag leaves, the way the blades spin pushes the air out from under the deck and blows the leaves either up and away or up and onto the mower so i have to go over the lawn about 5 times and yet i still wont get every leaf. Is there any way i can fix this? I tried to look it up on here but don't know what to look for.
  2. yardatwork

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    Have your deck no higher that 3" and mow in a complete circle/square with the bagger/vac/discharge pointed into the center of the if you would be blowing all inward. Keep following that pattern. Do not do the back and forth method like you would with grass. At that height and collecting in that shouldn't get blow out.
  3. mowerbrad

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    You may want to check the pitch of your deck, that could be off. Also, you will want to cut at a fairly low setting as to get the best vacuum as don't need to cut really low, I usually am at or below 3.25", never any higher otherwise I will be chasing leaves all around.

    You should be able to do whatever pattern you want when mowing the lawn if everything is set propertly. Not all mowers bag as well, but you shouldn't have that much blow out no matter what.
  4. Mowbizz

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    This is the correct method for mowing up leaves, especially on short, dormant lawns that do not allow sufficient vacuum. Right hand circles from outside in works great for me.
    On a lawn with nice longer grass you may get away with back and forth passes.
    After all...a leaf is no more than a natural "feather" and feathers will tend to fly around if mowed in certain patterns...:usflag:
  5. Robert Pruitt

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    you might want to see if the under side of your deck is clean.

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    Ya i have been doing the circle part.. i wasn't sure about lowering the deck cuz i thought if i lowered it than it would just push the leaves instead of sucking them under.

    Under the deck is clean.. i made sure to check cuz i thought that was the problem at first
  7. yardguy28

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    thank god i'm one of the lucky ones who can mow any lawn in my neck of the woods back and forth like with grass. especially since a do fall clean ups on a lot of short dormant lawns.
  8. Think Green

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    I am using Exmark's mulching kits with mulching blades. There will always be a little outward air push from the deck. It depends on the deck designs and their ability to sufficiently reduce air push. Blades, tilt of the deck, BTS, all affect wind shear.
    In all the other brand's of mowers I have used over the years, a mulching kit.....air bar or air dam plate was needed and purchased later. Most units do not come with these kits on them unless you purchase a top of the line machine. Even then sometimes these secondary attachments are needed. For fine pickup, I am using a Walker with GHS system.........not many leaves get by this machine. The only time I have leaf wind shear is from the passing lane and my muffler exhaust throws loose leaves.
    In the old days, on side discharge mowers equipped with mulch caps, I would make my passes on the left side of leaves or always keeping the leaves on the discharge side. This way the fly aways are kept in order. Sometimes a second pass is needed to collect them all.
  9. Sammy

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    After a few passes on the leaves, the underside of the deck will be clean.
  10. gene gls

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    Mowing backwards works also..........

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