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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jordanfan20, Aug 2, 2007.

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    Hey guys I'm a newb here I got into the business four years ago when I was 11 and now I am 15 and my business has greatly expanded.Just the other day I purchased my first commercial lawn mower. It is a snapper 52 inch hydro walk behind. When I cut yards I notice the stripes but they aren't very visible. Ever since I've seen the stripes of light and dark grass I fell in love with them. I've been looking around and in some yards the lines are much more visible and look amazing. My question is can I get the stripes to be the same, if so how and what would I need.
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    You need a striping kit. Which is basically something mounted behind the deck which drags or rolls the grass in one direction after you pass over it. Some make their own and some buy striping kits made for the specific mower. If you need more info, there are many threads on here about striping kits. Just type it in the search bar.
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    thanks man I really appreciate it
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    i made my own striping kit out of chain and it works great! but i hadt to drill holes in my mower but u can get a peice of metal and just drill 2 holes in the mower put a couple bolts in then u can drill holes in that peice of metal. that way ur not putting so many holes in your mower. i am also 15 turning 16 soon. do u have a AIM screen name? it would be cool to talk buisness with you.
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    yeah thanks man I'd love to talk on aim. My aim is jordanfan20
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    We don't do much striping in this area because most lawn grass is bermuda and the effect will only last a day or maybe two if the grass is cut 3-1/2" or higher.

    However I have noticed mowing back and forth in North/South directions the stripes show up much better because the sun is shining from southerly directions most of the late morning into late afternoon.


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