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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Sharks, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Lawn Sharks

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    I threw together an Excel spreadsheet with a few formulas and am tweaking it.

    Base formula shows the following results for a typical one acre of mowable grass house lot including the footprint of the house without large areas of unmowable terrain.

    43560 sf. lot
    sf under 10k $22.00
    sf 10k-20k $ 7.00
    sf >20k $11.78

    Mowing Sub-Total $40.58

    272 feet of edging $ 8.16
    16 Obstacles $ 4.00
    Mobilization Fee $ 5.00

    Total Estimate $57.95

    This includes the post mow and edge blow of hard surfaces.

    I should be tweaking it to calculate fuel used, oil costs, depreciation of mower, blade sharpening costs as well as other overhead costs as guages. Love to have an overhead total and profit calculator as the end result with time estimates. That will take more time though. Also will put in a large area string trimmer calculator for those unmanageble banks etc.

    Kinda fun to play with. It has flaws I know. Not perfect, but you can certainly make anything happen that you want.

    Could easily rig my laptop in the front seat of the car along with a 12v printer and with my handy dandy measuring wheel could bang out a printed quote on my company letterhead in minutes. That would impress em.

  2. AztlanLC

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  3. Runner

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    I'm a bit confused, here. Why is the larger amount of sq. ft. cheaper? Is this the price per M, or what?:confused:
  4. Lawn-Scapes

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    The way I read it is the first 10k is $22, the next 10k is $7 and the remaining square footage is $11.78.

    I think it would be a lot simpler to just say $1 per thousand ($43.50).. wouldn't it?
  5. Lawn Sharks

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    runner - the price decreases for larger sized lots due to efficiency

    if you tried charging the same rate for every sq ft you would quickly price yourself out of larger properties and the smaller properties would be too cheap so you make anything you cut

    25$ mimimum

    This is some tweaking of something that I saw in a different forum.

    Formula so far:

    Square Footage under 10000 sf. X 0.0022

    Square Footage of 10000-20000 X 0.0007

    Square Footage of < 20000 X 0.0005

    Linear feet of edging X 0.03
    minimum of 125 feet

    Obstacles X 0.25

    $5 mobilization fee

    See, it is real simple. Pop it into Excel and play around with it. The pricing for larger properties still needs a lot of work but I will prevail.

  6. Lawn Sharks

    Lawn Sharks LawnSite Senior Member
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    Interesting. Why don't you give me the data for one of your typical properties and I will run it both ways to see what we come up with. Could be interesting!

    Anyone for that matter. Would be good to get a cross section of situations to tweak this a bit.

  7. greenman

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    $57.95 for a little over an acre. :laugh: I can get plenty of work for you.
  8. Bill Davis

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    Geenman is right. That sounds lower than some of the lowballers and greenman knows the people that i am talking about:D !!
  9. IBGreen

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    Boy, I hope you all aren't talking about me!
  10. Bill Davis

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    No, by the way was my branch on your list of banks and dont lie b/c I would just like to know. The company I am talking about all drive maroon trucks with beat up equipment and the other one drives grey trucks with beat up equipment.

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