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    Everyone better get ready...the "green freaks" are working on getting restrictions against mowing!

    Around here the last several days we have had "NO ZONE ACTION DAYS". These are days when it is HOT and HUMID and not much WIND. Supposedly the SMOG from engines will hang around and "possibly" harm those with bad respitory systems. So they have the following "VOLUNTARY" restrictions...DRIVE as little as possible...Wait until AFTER 6pm to MOW...Wait until AFTER 6pm to FILL UP GAS TANK.

    The TV news has been having a hay day around here with this. They are following people around that are MOWING or FUELING during hours PRIOR to 6pm. They had their HELICOPTER following a mowing crew working on the interstate. They cornered a DOT crew working on the roadside that left their diesel truck idleing while they work. Anyway they are creating a BIG STINK about it and will be getting MANDATORY restrictions in next. WE BETTER START A CAMPAIGN AGAINST THIS or else we wont be allowed to mow until AFTER 6pm! (GEE, I'll bet the TV station's helicopter burns more fuel then 100 mowers do in an hour!)

    Same thing with water. Our local water company pumped a new RECORD of 225 Million gallons yesterday. But they were on TV last night WHINING about voluntary restrictions against WATERING LAWNS! Threatening MANDATORY restrictions if we don't cut back! (Again I find this IRONIC. Here they MAKE MONEY by SELLING water to us. They had their BEST SALES DAY EVER and they are complaining that we are using too much water! Gee, it wouldn't be that they are TOO CHEAP to spend some of that money on NEW PUMPING STATIONS to handle the GROWTH that we are having!)

    Anyway, we better start ORGANIZING against this PROPAGANDA CRAP the TV is putting out or we'll have FURTHER COMPLICATIONS to making a living!

  2. jt5019

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    I couldnt get anything done if i waited until 6pm so unless they want to pay me im working.
  3. Cutter LLC

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    They sure are making a big hoopla over this. I think we should call 6 for help. lol Indy natives know what I'm talking about. But seriously we should check and see when these news stations get their grass cut, record it, riot, picket, let's burn this motha down.....j/k. Maybe they will let only real lco work. This might help get rid of some scrubs and also gain some bus.. I cut today (it's been 11 days since last cut) and nobody said squat to me. If they interviewed me I can guarantee I would not be on camera due to my response.

    " As soon as you drive up in electric cars with electric helicopters flying over I might think about changing my ways Hypocrites!!!" And a few other choice phrases

    Cutter LLC
  4. stuie

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    They cornered a DOT crew working on the roadside that left their diesel truck idleing while they work.

    Well they probably had flashing lights running as well.How long do a pair of batteries supply power for the lights? Not real long!
    Used to have lights and an arrow board running on main roads if you stop the truck the batteries wouldnt start the truck after about 5 mins. :angry:
  5. Richard Martin

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    Water is becoming an issue in a lot of places. And it's not usually an issue of how much water they are using but where that water comes from. Fresh, easily treatable water is getting harder and harder to come by as more and more people needlessly waste water on things like lawn watering and car washing. Maryland and Virginia are constantly bickering over the Potomac River because Virginia keeps drawing more and more water from it every year. There aren't but so many gallons of water in that river and in years where we have droughts the river runs at almost a trickle. There are many counties in North Carolina that are under state mandates to reduce their river water useage. In my own area of Maryland our own shallowist aquafier (an underground river of sorts) is drying up and is becoming contaminated by salt water from the Chesapeake Bay. It's called Salt Water Intrusion. Any new commercial carwashes must recycle their water.

    Useable water is not an unlimited resource.
  6. crawdad

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    I was going to ask you why you called it "NO ZONE ACTION DAYS" instead of ozone action days, but a quick search reveals that in Indy, they are indeed calling it "Knozone..."

    WE also have ozone action days here in the Kingsport, TN area. They want people to wait to mow, but I don't believe the nearby chemical plant waits until night-time to spew their pollutants, so I ain't waiting either.
  7. Lazer Man

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    I don't post alot on this site but I'm going to chime in here. While not currently on restrictions here, yet anyway. The " no mowing" restictions don't as a rule apply to lawn companies performing thier normal weekly mows as this is our livelyhood. Also when we are on restictions here all golf courses are exempt from those restictions as they would loose the lawn which is the main part of the course. As was stated a post or two above I do understand why we do have certain restictions and the reasoning behind them.

    Bob :) :)
  8. CutNLawns

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    How many lawn mowers does it take to equal the polution from a news crew helicopter chasing people down harrasing them? :confused:
  9. Glenn J

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    What a joke. I thought this was "land of the free"...not "Free after 6PM". What a load. Stand up against crap like this.
  10. txlawnking

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    Did ya'll know that less than 2% of the world's water is usable for human consumption? I gotta agree that needlessly wasting water is a bad deal.

    But as for the Nazi's chasing the crew in the Helicopter... S.A.M. Anyone? :D J/K..

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