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What is the most common truck used to pull the mowing rig? What do you think is the best truck to use considering dependability and fuel mileage? I know most people will want to say whatever their favorite truck is but be honest. I run a f-150 and a ranger. I dont think what i have is the best but they get the job done.

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Many different trucks will do the job depending on your equipment/trailer, but-

I'm betting the number one ranked/most common truck is going to be a 3/4 ton 4X4 from one of the three major makers, with gas trucks out numbering the diesels (though I drive a gasser right now, I'm a fan of the diesels).


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It all depends on how versatile you want the truck to be. Strictly mowing with a small/medium trailer you could do 1/2 or 3/4 ton. I personally have a 1 ton dodge dually. I use it for everything from pulling a 2 1/2 ton trailer to hauling loads of topsoil. For 2012 i will be adding a "smaller" truck for mowing/fertilizer. That truck will be pulling a single axle trailer. That truck/trailer is more for the smaller lawns to save on fuel costs. It is kind of a pain driving a 7 1/2 ton rig(dually and trailer) to go mow a $35 lawn.


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I do see quite a few Ford trucks pulling landscape trailers, mostly F250's. Though I do see plenty of Chevy trucks towing as well. Not too many Dodges at all.

I really can't say which truck is the "best". People have different tastes and different needs, some trucks fit those tastes/needs better than others for that particular person. There really is no way to judge by popularity of trucks either, since they could just be popular because of price and not because they are the most dependable, can tow the most or their fuel mileage.

For me, my truck is the "best" option..but that's just for me. It fits my needs the best in every aspect. But plenty of other guys may not find my truck to be their "best" option since they may not like the extended cab, short box or they may need a larger series truck or diesel engine instead of gas.

Basically, there is no such thing as the "best" mowing truck.


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i agree with brad. it depends on your needs. i just pull 1 ztr mower on a single axle 5x10 trailer. occasionally i throw the 21" on there as well. i haul the blower, trimmer, and gas in the truck bed so a 4cyl is all i need. i do very little landscaping, i don't do any snow plowing, and i don't haul 2-3 mowers or anything like that so it makes sense for me since the truck is cheaper and gets better gas mileage.

you just have to find what truck fits your buisness plan i guess. don't buy something you think you might need 5 years from now but just get what you need for the next few years and see how it goes. you can always trade it in for something bigger if the need arises or keep it and just buy another bigger truck. it all comes down to your buisness plan and if you want to stay small or if you want to have multiple crews. it also depends on the type of work you want to do. do you want to do anything and everything or do you just want to only offer a few services? it's basically wide open to whatever you want to do with your business.
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In my area I see mostly 1/2 ton and smaller trucks. I do occassionally see a 3/4 ton or flatbed-dovetail but those are in the minority. It's also not that often that I see walkbehinds or trimmer racks on trailers either.


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I use to see a lot of 90's Chevy and Fords but starting to notice more New GMC trucks.


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North Georgia
I run a 2005 Dodge 2500 2wd 4 door with a Hemi, about 18 - 20 mpg.


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I drive a 2003 3/4 ton 4x4 chevy with a 8.1 liter and a supercharger seems to get the job done. I like diesels but seems like on mowing route theres a lot of starting and stopping and short distances not so sure if its very good on them. But also think if your using them for heavy loads or in a landscaping business would be the way to go. I dont know guess its just what guys doing more of. My 8.1 dont get awsome fuel milage but feel like i have a trailer behind it enough that it justifies it & also have no lack for power when i have to put some weight on behind it. Like to here some more.