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williams lcm

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orlando fl
Most of my lawns have started to come back after the hard freeze back in January. But with cold night time temps and low daily highs it looks like I will be mowing every three weeks. All hedges have been trimmed, leaves have been mulched everything looks good. I have just been driving buy on my second week and cutting on the third week. Some lawns still do not need cutting on the third week but I just go over them. What have you guys been doing?


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SW Florida
We're further south in the Ft. Myers area.

During the time of the freezes we extended our schedule
out to 4 weeks and even then on most properties we just edged,
line-trimmed and cleaned up as required.

There's currently some resurgence of growth and green-ness
due to the relative abundance of rain that we've had locally
during the past few weeks (we're having an unusually rainy winter).

After the freeze period we rescheduled for 3 weeks, and we've
just started that evolution this past week. The lawns look half-decent overall
and we've been mowing them all (keep in mind that many of these
lawns haven't had the mower on them for 7 weeks).

Assuming there's no more freezes, I'm planning to reschedule them for two weeks
on the next evolution and see what they look like, if they don't need mowed we'll extend as required.

Even during the worst conditions, I like to at least show up once every 4 weeks to edge, line-trim and clean up as required.
I find that the customers appreciate this, and that it generally keeps them all happy.

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