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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lawnboy85, Dec 13, 2006.

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    I have been mowing for 5 years now, and I have yet to find a schedule form that will help me schedule in my mowing jobs. I hate keeping my upcoming schedule written on post-it pads. I am looking for a schedule form that would allow me to have the month, days 1-31, and my clients' information - all of this in some type of graph form (possibly using Microsoft Excel 2003). I've seen an idea of having all of the information I just listed in a graph form, where I would have to line up the client's name on left side of page, with the day of the month, and shade in the box. Hopefully I have not confused anyone reading this! I would appreciate several ideas from anyone that is a lawn mowing expert.

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    I would just get gopher or something like that it will do everything you need.
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    This might help

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    I had my customer list (last names) in in excel spread sheet in one column I had one page for each day and by each client there were five boxes. At the top of the boxed column I would hand write in the date, and in the box, I would put in AM/PM/Skip

    So at a glance I could tell if the lawn was cut on X day in the morning, after lunch or was skipped on that day....
    Each dy got a peice of paper andit gave me enough space to write notes, so when I did my invoices I make comments, or I could call the customer as I noticed something wrong...

    this information, along with a client list, and all serial number of all equipment, insurance, Biz Lic, Pestr Lic, WC ins, plant costa, labor rates, rental rates,ect was in a three ring binder in the truck. It was my BIBLE....It never left my sift. if I went somwere for lunch, it came with me.

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    I use google calendar. Simple to use, I can schedule stuff weekly, bi-weekly or whenever, all I have to do is bring it up and it shows me what I need to do for the day.
  6. Team-Green L&L

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    If you are interested in growing as a company I wouldn't recommend anything short of a recurring accounting software ie, Groundskeeper Pro, QXpress, Gopher, or CLIP. All these softwares will provide you with the tools to grow as a business into a medium-capacity company. At that time you would more than likely have a database of some kind. We use a custom Sql database that stores all our clients, subs, and distributors. It also tracks all email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers of anyone who provides them. This info is great for direct marketing.
  7. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    I just take a sheet of paper and hand write the days of the week and then under that the date of the month, for a two week period. Then for each day I put down the name of each client I am to go service for the two week period.

    As I go out on my route and do the jobs I just scratch a line through the name with a pen, which reminds me that this job was done. If I show up and yard doesn't need it the name gets a big X in pen over the name. If I don't get out to do it on the day scheduled I totally scratch off the name from that day and reassign it to a new day on the page.

    At the end of the week I sit down and transfer the work done off the list into my customers files and then I am done.

    Any side work or extra work I need to do I put at the bottom of the list as a reminder.... and if I am on the phone while out and need a place to write down a number or whatever I use the back of the list for this.

    Works for me.
  8. DBL

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    use a notebook each customer gets their own page and when they get cut put the time and date down

    on the last page of the notebook put each customer down in a list on the far right then make it into a chart with week 1 - week ? and put a check in for each week when you cut them so you can quick glance and make sure no one got skipped

    works for me
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    This stuff just kills me, :dizzy: when did we begin to need software to schedule our days? Like someone above mentioned, pen, paper, write it down. If you want to get fancy draw some columns and put the budgeted times to the side of the clients name.

    I controlled over 200 accounts that way for years with no problems. We would add two to three clients per month. Every 3-4 months I would have to rework the schedule. A computer and software would only have made the process more difficult.

    I am all for technology if it actually simplifies things or speeds them up. But you should be looking at your ROI. I just don't see it for scheduling software. I would welcome some illustration of how this technology will simplify or speed things up. I am always open to new ideas possibly I am missing something.
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    I use a hardbound black date book. I mow each customer on the same day throughout the season. Despite having about 80 accounts I can pretty much do the route each day by memory. Unless you have ton of accounts, you could likely do it that way too. I keep everything organized on the computer as well.

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