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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by causalitist, Apr 8, 2008.

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    thanks, i think i need to go that way too or ill be in trouble.

    65 gallons isnt alot, thats around the size i want to be dealing with, but with some of these herbicides stating 1gal minimum volume per thousand sqrft, thats 65,000 sqrft .. not alot for a day of spraying ... so do you follow the 0.5 or 1 gal minimum volume for most herbicides, or is that not much of a concern as long as the amount of actual herbicide applied is within the proper range?

    so how many gallons/thousand sqft do you have that thing putting down?

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    I did read it... but you clarified it for me. You are looking at next year, you never said that in the forst post, thus my confusion.

    I would think a couple of backpacks would suffice. Get that down, and then look at truck spray tank systems. You will still use the backpacks, just not as much.

    I would suggest staying FAR away from any 30-X-X fert. You can cut down the rate, but i still think it's too much N. Find better formulations instead. Top growth actually hurts turf if it's too accelerated. Too much N, too much top growth, not enough root development. The easy answer is soil tests, but many customers refuse to realise how useful they are, and don't want to pay for it.

    I still think granular given your property sizes is a better way to go than to spray ferts, but other apps make sense with a spray system. Since I don't use a tank for apps, I won't comment on your other questions.
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    This is the biggest selling point I have against the national guys using 46-0-0 urea.
  4. LwnmwrMan22

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    I run the recommended rate for my herbicide, 1 oz per 1000. My Magnum covers just under 50k per 12 gallons, so I put 50 oz in each tank, tankfull being 11 gallons. 12 gallons and you're running fizz out the top.

    I've had great success with the easier weeds (dandelions and such) but have rigged up a wand off of the bottle fill to target harder weeds such as creeping charlie.
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    I want to ask you of the 40 mowing accounts how many will you be able to switch over to a full program once you are licensed? Also how much time do you spend on other landscaping jobs? The reason I ask, i am about good time management and being profitable. If you are wasting your day filling backpacks your profit margins will drop versus someone with a spay setup or a rider. If you run ZTR mowers you could put an electric spreader on the front or add a boom sprayer for broadleaf. And as far as post emergent crabgrass control there are none that are cheap. Acclaim or drive. Go to and read up on labels, find your local store and see what they stock know the label know the law. good luck
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    awsome, so it sounds like backpacks the first year, until i get a bunch of customers, then a magnum.

    i guess volume isnt much of a concern, good:)

    how many fert/squirt customers do you think would warrent the purchase of one?
    im guessing 75-100 .. that'll be in a few years.

    how much are they?(everywhere just says "CALL!")

    should i build my pricing around speedzone for cold weather and spot spraying hard to kill weeds, and trimec 992 for general hot weather use?

    safe to say those are pretty standard and should work well for my first few years?

    thanks alot guys.

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