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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Viseras lawn service, Aug 10, 2005.

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    We have a condo complex that we mow and once a year around this time we must weedwhack the hill behind the units. The hill is probably 600 yards long by 40 yards wide all high grasses and weeds about 2-3 ft high. We have been forced to send 4-5 guys with whackers all day 7:30-5:30 to take care of this job.

    Is there a machine that can handle a hill this steep? any one have one or have pics of one?
  2. robertsturf

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    Try one of those D.R. mowers they are a walkbehind type mower that can cut through just about anything. Not sure of the price.
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    One possible solution is one of those hovermowers ( On the other hand, if it's a once-a-year deal, are you sure you want to spring for a piece of equipment you might use only for this job? If the hill is as steep as you make it sound, it might not make sense to put a lot of money into a solution because in some situations, a trimmer is the best way to go.

    How much do the man-hours cost you for that once a year? Answer that and you'll know about how much you want to spend on a solution.
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    You didn't state the degree of angle,but the Super Z that Hustler makes will beat anything I have seen on hill's!However if the hill is to steep for a ZTR Hustler makes a
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    thats one big hill. how steep exactly. post a pic. i do even my steepest hills with my walker. just cant let it get that tall. ive heard of a mower on 2 wheels like a bike, plus deck wheel. it pivots so as deck is sloped on hill, you stay vertical. real $$$$, dont know off hand where to find one. lot of big cities have them.
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    I am thinking a huslter hill sider 640 or the newer 6400. They are one bad mother on hills. Or some type of growth control chemicals.
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    that sounds like the same hill at sinsabough heights the senior home in shelton that i live near
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    I have one for doing ditches, and it's only got a 22" cut to begin with. Have you checked into sickle-bar units? I'm guessing that the slope is greater than 45 degrees.
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