Mowing Swales / Ditches on residential Home

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Busy Blades, Nov 17, 2013.

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    Most homes we do are on 1.25 acre lots and have big swales or ditches out front for drainage , usually junk grass that needs to be cut low .... other than a weedwhacker is anyone using a "walk behind weedeater" ? How do you guys cut your swales / ditches?
  2. 01thump

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    I have one HOA that has five retention ponds that I cut I use my 52 zero turn on them the city cuts the bottom of these maybe twice a year or three times if they are lucky..
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    A Retention Pond: RETAINS water year round.

    A Detention Pond: DETAINS water after a heavy rain until it can drain into the ground.

    The reason I am making this point is because there is a Market for Aquatic Weed control. A $ 600 under water weed eater can be a money maker. Of course Pond management is a Science by it's self. But with some aquatic Herbicides and algaecide keeping these Retention/Detention clear can be a nice up sell.

    But first get an Aquatic Certification, BTW they aren't hard to get.

    PS the Big Boys have all the bigger jobs tied up because of the requirements and extra paper work needed for the EPA. Small area don't need that much paper work.

  4. 01thump

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    Nice to know thank you.. My mistake I am taking care of detention ponds... :)

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