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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KTNC, May 4, 2003.

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    I have a 3 acre lot, with a row of trees on the boundaries of each side, and the house in the center. The trees and the lot are basically square (perpendicular) to the roadside, however the house is about 2 feet off center, compared to the trees. Initially I thought I would mow it with the stripes lined up with the house, as the house is what you notice first, but if I do that, the stripes by the trees will look as if they are mowed slightly diagonal. So should I use the trees or the house as my reference point for starting to mow? Any opinions on this would be appreciated.
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    1. You shouldn't mow the same pattern each week. Alternate in different angles each time.

    2. Direct the stiripes to the centerpiece of the yard, the house. Do not go with the house. Make the stipes direct a viewer's eyes to the house and landscape.

    3. To make the effect that you went "through" a tree:
    Come up to the tree, turn to the side of the tree that you haven't mowed yet. Back up to the tree, aglining yourself with the last stripe, and continute forward. The next pass will cover up the area you had to take up to get around the tree.

    I hope I explained it good enough for you.

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    I agree with everything, but the house part. (and you don't even KNOW what this does to me inside to disagree with a super. It's just not natural - and feels bad for different reasons) I ALWAYS advise to go with the house. This establishes a definite, straight, line to base the perpendicular lines to. Then, the 45's come almost naturally, as you are merely "splicing diamonds". I always stress to the learners to NOT let property lines, offset driveways, and/or roadlines mess them up as quite often, these don't line up with the true lines that are established by the main structure on the property - whether it be a house, or a building on a commercial property.
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    How about cutting the whole yard diagonally to the house? That way there isn't a concern about lineing up with anything and it makes the yard look bigger. Cut it one way one week and the opposite way the next week. You'll end up with a nice checkerboard pattern and stripes you can see no matter which direction you are driving on the road.

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