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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by johnp2, Mar 6, 2005.

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    This is my first post to this forum, so I apologize if this topic has already been posted (I could not find a "search" tool to query this forum's database).

    I have a few "issues" with my lawn. I'll restrict these issues into individual posts, so here goes my first issue---it revolves around mowing my lawn.

    I have Tifway 419 Bermuda. Purchased this house 2.5 years ago. The lawn was in very good shape when we purchased it. It's still in good shape. However, after I mow, the grass has uneven lanes. I believe what is happening is that because the grass is so soft, when the wheels go over it, the blades are meshed down and do not spring up when I go back over it.

    I understand I should mow it at about 1.5 inch, but unfortunately, my mower does not provide a good estimate to cutting height (it's a $199.00 Murray--two years old). This might be a silly question, but other than pulling out a blade after cutting it and measuring it, what other methods are there for measuring your cutting height (when you can't decipher via your mower)?

    If the 'uneven lane' problem is indeed because the wheels are going over and the blades dp not spring back up when I pass back, I assume the obvious answer is to go lower. I just did a de-thatching, and the blades are about 2.5 inches. HOWEVER, the blades are "bent", meaning that they lay flat, and do not stand up (even when it is growing). This concerns me for going much lower as I do not want to scalp it. i.e, The grass does not LOOK 2.5 inches, because the blades are bent.

    The lawn mower is in good condition (blade is sharp, shaft not bend, wheels are even, etc. etc.). I'm considering buying a push reel mower, but have heard mixed results from it.

    In a nusthell, any and all advice as to why you think I am getting uneven lanes in my Tifway after mowing it, and possible methods of rectifying it is duly appreciated.

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    You are describing conditions associated with dormant bermuda. Dormant bermuda is very "spindley" and lies down easily.

    Don't waste another minute of your time worrying about this until Spring greenup arrives. When your lawn is at least 50% green, put your mower as low as it will possibly go and scalp the turf. Get as close to the soil level as possible.

    When it starts growing in, it will tend to grow more dense and horizontal instead of veritcal. As it grows in, mow it as low as you possibly can without creating circular scalp marks. You can only do so good with a rotary push mower.

    IMHO, you really cannot have a quality Tifway lawn without a reel mower. If you are serious about your lawn, go get a Trimmer or Trucut reel with the Honda engine.

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    Toss The Rotary And Buy A Good Reel Type Mower
    Trimmer Makes A Good Affordable One As Does Tru Cut

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