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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jimbo76a, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. jimbo76a

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    Hey guys, new guy here. I am just getting in the business and have a question. I'm looking at a snapper 22 hp liquid cooled diesal ZTR witha 70 inch front mount deck. Any idea approximately how long it would take a machine like this or any commercial Z to mow an acre of land. I've been offered to take care of 8 acres and I want to see what i an getting myself into. thanks!
  2. HOMER

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    One acre?

    The average per hour on a 72" Chopper or a 72" Exmark is around 6 acres per hour. Should be able to mow a flat acre in around 10-15 minutes easy.
  3. jimbo76a

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    Thanks for the quick response Homer
  4. HOMER

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    I respond at the rate of 6 acres per hour!
  5. J.Gordon

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    lol :laugh:
  6. HOMER

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  7. ElephantNest

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    Homer is correct. DOH! hehe

    Although, you need to take into account the fact that this machine has a 22hp motor, which, IMO, is quite under powered for such a large deck. But you'll still knock some acres out in no time. Keep those blades SHARP! Good luck, grab that account and hold on to it, do quality work, and you'll soon be putting that monster on some other large properties.payup

    Also, grab yourself a nice trimmer and BP blower. I would get a Shindaiwa T260 or 270, and a Redmax 7001 blower. Get the best, it will pay for itself. Get junk, and it will cost you, in more ways than one.

  8. Sean Adams

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    Nice Homer....

    Nest - good addition to this post!
  9. impactlandscaping

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    Nest is right.Get the best you can once..only once.Get more ROI with quality equipment than with lesser quality.All choices he listed are great selections.We use the T270 trimmers..:gunsfirin bulletproof!!We also use Raptor blades on our Snappers.They work well for us, try some different blade combos as this can increase your blade tip fpm speed on a 70" deck.Good luck with the account!:D
  10. Doc Pete

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    If you are just starting out, then IMO the machine you are looking at is more than just a little underpowered. I would not buy it. Down the road, it will slow you down and you'll be unhappy. It won't handle anything buy light grass. It won't be able to mulch leaves, or run doubles.

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