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    Well I'm new so go easy on me, Ive been using my truck to work out of, Question I have an old 16ft trailer extra wide it needs to be redone I'm in the process of that now, what kinda of racks and gate should i build on it I'm a welder by trade so building something is no problem anyone have any suggestions Thanks for your help.
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    I would put a side gate on it in addition to the main gate.
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    if you can fab everything yourself look around at different site to see all the racks that there are.. Last year I purchased an enclosed trailer to work out of and was going to buy the gas can holders after seeing the price on them ($60 each) I just went to a supply house bought flat stock steel bent it to the roughly the same shape and saved $55 for each holder. This is the site that I used Good luck with setting up..

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