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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wriken, May 10, 2003.

  1. wriken

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    I recently put a bid into the place that I buy my insurance with, property and business is the same people, what would you do if you found out they chose a LCO to do their mowing that did'nt do insurance business with them, I know business is business, but if I was like within $5.00, don't you think they would have called and maybe suggested meeting the low bid, after all I spend about $5000.00 just for business ins, thats not including my personel auto's.
  2. Maybe it's a good omen that you are not taking care of them, it was ment to be.

    I found not to do biz with people who are providing me, they all teneded to be a pain in the butt.
  3. thartz

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    LGF;Yep;Had one that everytime I was there it was "Hey, can you do me a favor?".I'd say "when you send me YOUR bill will you do me a favor?"It never seemed to work both ways.
  4. A past drinking aquaintenance I mow for asked me to do some of his rental houses, I quit mowing them last year cause they got far in to debt with me, so he got mad when I asked him to pay the bills for those houses. After he calmed down he said if there is a next time let him know sooner. BTW I am mowing them again.

    I also mow my ins guys lawn, he doesn't ask for much, but his wife can be a pain in the butt. Snow plowing; we didn't shovel the 1' wide area in front of the garage, only complaint from him. Can you get rid of the weeds in my beds, WOW it will be that much................Kinda like the thousands a year pay them in ins....

    Leave it be dude, not worth the time. I made a mistake taking care of my Fathers lunch croney and ins agent(retired).
  5. Sooners

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    It might be best not to mow your ins. co if they're that uptight about a few $. However, I think I'd check around and if I could get ins. cheaper, I'd change. And when they ask, I'd tell them "I need to save on ins. just like you do on lawncare."
  6. sheppard

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    I got turned down from a Credit Union that my family had been members of for many years.

    The Pres.'s reasoning was that they had poor performance from previous providers that were members. Told her I was different and that went over like a lead baloon.

    More I thought about it the more I saw the upside to it. Any of my business suppliers or providers need to keep it seperate. I don't want to hear "Will you do this or that?" when I'm stopping in for some quick business.

  7. LawnGuy73

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    It could be a good deal, or it could suck..Just like any job you take on, its always a gamble
  8. lawn gonzo

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    wow, that subject just came up the other day, when a neighbor of mine asked for tree service from me. I replied, " Don't take this personally at all, but, one of my business credos is ' I won't work for family, neighbors or friends, because if you do, they won't be'
    Too many things can muck up those kinds of relationships, best just to avoid them, because past experience tells me so.
  9. wriken

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    Well after thinking about it for awhile, I'm going to shop closer to my home town for ins, I had talked to a ins guy early this year, close to home. My work reflects on my business alot, and that property being in a very high traffic area, I would have really done my best, not that I don't anyways, I cut anybodys lawn, don't care if there family or not, always try to do my best for image, even raised my sisters weekly cost, like I said don't matter to me, but I know where your coming from. I guess I'm a little irratated, cuz of no call back even when I made a follow up call to see if he recieved the package and had any questions concerning it, after all I am a customer of his (was), think I will use sooners idea, actually I think it will be alittle fun when I do tell them. business is business shopping around makes sense to me:)
  10. nelbuts

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    Honestly, I would find another insurance carrier... even if I had to pay more. Then I would just explain that I found someone $5 per month cheaper.

    I do work for my account, dentist, banker and have for close to ten years and never have had one lick of trouble. Of course I treat them like everyone else. But I NEVER do friends homes or their businesses. I value friendship and just don't do it.

    But I would drop these guys like a rock.

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