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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wriken, May 10, 2003.

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    I picked up an account last year. He's an insurance agent & had one of his insured mowing his lawn. Guys did a horrible job. Their rates went way up after he saw that they had bypassed some safety features of the mowers.

    I would really try to avoid doing business with someone like that simply because of the conflicts of interest if something horrible did happen.

    "Yeah hi, one of my customers claims I ran over their cat, can you please help me defend myself against you." For some odd reason I see my self paying out big time.

    "Yeah Dr. I seem to have this problem with the surgery you preformed." "Yeah well you nicked my siding with the trimmer so I nicked your face with the scalpel".

    "sorry Mr. accountant I must raise my rates this season." "No way am I paying more you already make enough money".

    "Waiter why is this portion so small, tastes like poop & there is something odd floating in my soup?" "because the shrubs you installed were also small, looked like poop & had garbage in the mulch"

    Yeah, swapping services with someone else can work out but. When they arnt 100% satisfied look out
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    I had thought that it would work out to the LCO that was insured by the same place, should be able to settle the claim faster, not that I look want anything to happen, but if it did. just a thought I made up my mind, I guess I'm just that kind of person, thats why I don't go to the local exmark/kubota dealer any more, and there both great products.
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    forgot to tell you on the phone wriken...but about the secretary. I called the other day to talk to John and she said hold on..and I was on hold for like 10 minutes. Finally, I just hung up and John called back and apologized. He said that the secretary forgot that I was on the other line. Maybe it was just the secretary that didn't get him the info. Maybe call up John again and ask him if he received the info.
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    For the past 3 years I have been mowing this guys ditch for him. He lives behind one of my customers. He was afraid to take his rider down by the ditch so while mowing my customers portion of the ditch I would just go ahead and drive the distance of the ditch (this is 2 corner houses so the ditch ran from one street to the next)

    Anyway he had sold his house and didn't cut the lawn yet (this was last month) and wanted it cut before he turned it over to the new owners. I told him $65 (normally $40) because it was so high. He said well maybe I'll just go ahead and do it. The next day I'm driving by and 2 guys with 2 riders were cutting it. I was pi$$ed. Here I did him a favor every week for the past 3 years and he decides he needs to get a lower price. This wasn't the poor folks area of town either.

    Actually I didn't really want to do it, but it still bugs me that he would stoop so low.

    By the way these two guys drove two separate trucks to the job. each hauling a 4x8 tilt trailer with a craftsman rider on each. I bet they thought they made a killing after splitting that $40 or what ever they got :)

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