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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowing, Apr 10, 2003.

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    I feel the meg-mo blades are a good investment to several reasons. 1. I'm getting a superior cut, aspecially in tall or wet grass, and my cut is our first priority. 2. before I stocked 2 sets of mulching blades and 2 or 3 sets of hi-lift blades for both my 48" Hustler and my 52" 23 hp Scag. Because the differance is in the disc and not blades I now stock only 4 meg-mo blades for spares at only $3.95 per blade. 3. I changed and sharpened my blades before everyday or two. I shjarpened the meg mo blades after 2 1/2 weeks,and we mow about 110 properties a week. These three reasons are giveing us better customer service and substacial savings in time and money. By the way we have already built a ocdc. Weve also got a bullrider sulky to make better time trimming with the flex deck. Have a great season from Riverside Mowing.
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    Is this a reply to another thread somewhere?

    Or is this just advertisement for Roy?

    My biggest problem with the Meg-Mow system is the little blades! How do YOU sharpen them.

    I sharpen my blades on this....


    And there's no way to hold that little blade to sharpen it.

    Please elaborate on all questions.

    P.S. Welcome to Lawnsite!

  3. John Gamba

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    LETS SEE SOME PICS!!! I'm Going to Show what Meg-mo Does With My Gravely. THEY CLUMP!!
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    John - were those the old blades that were a solid disc, or are they the ones with the holes lazer cut into the disc? - Just asking.

    And by the way - "mowing" Thanks for the unsolicited discussion of the flex-deck and what it does for you - lots on this forum have never had the opportunity to actually experience many mower systems, and I know that any company out there appreciates the people on lawnsite that have positive comments about their products.

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    I have never used these blades. but I have a dealer who mentioned a mower he was servicing (on old snapper rear engine) that did have this type of blade (from his description of it)

    he said it cut great when he tried the mower out even through very tall brome grass it left a finished cut .

    I think the concept isn't much different than double blades. Keeping them balanced might be a challenge. I really don't see a problem in sharpening though as long as you have clearance around your sharpener.

    How do these blades create their lift?? does each individual blade section have a fin on it or is the lift and air flow created by the disc????

    MOre research may be required.
  6. Gravely_Man

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    John, please post those pictures whenever you get a chance.

  7. worthbrown

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    Does anyone have any side-by-side comparison pics?
    I have seen the meg-mo video, but hard to tell if the mower would have done a similar job w/ singles. I would like to see pics of half a yard with good sharp singles, and the other half with the meg-mo. John, did you say you have some that show clumping?
  8. John Gamba

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    Lawns are slow Here. I Have to Find Them They Are Under A Desk Some Were.

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