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    Mow Part, Mow Part, Mow Part!!!!

    Go check out their website I just placed an order with them and got my trailer decked out with all "Jungle Jim" product and stocked my parts bin at an awesome price. They have so much stuff for nice discounted price. Also if you are a first time customer you get a 15% discount on part not wholesale items. They also are runner special discount for lawnsite member so make sure if you call to ask them about that. Now I would go to my local dealer and pay like $30 for a deck there only like $13 and just as good. In my case my dealer doesn't do anything for me not really much on customer service, which is very big with me when i do business. I placed my order online and i guess there was a problem with some of the item numbers not matching up to real price or something like that. So i got a call and was dealing with a guy named Scott... let me tell you this guys was on the ball with how to deal with customers and how to work out problems and make customers happy. I will defintly order from them again and promote them to the hilt. Bottom line...GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! :)

    O also if you spend over $250 you get free shipping with is a great thing by itself!! :cool2:

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