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MOWTIVATED Lawn Man Inventor

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TwinDooly, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. TwinDooly

    TwinDooly LawnSite Member
    Messages: 79

    I have been a Small Business Lawn & landscaping Contractor for over 26yrs.
    In 1992 while doing my regular work blowing off using a backpack blower in one hand and a hand-held blower in the other simultaneously. I was inspired by the Lord to "Put the two Blowers together as one" I was perplexed on how to do this. I thought this over for a few years and in 1996 I built my 1st Dool backpack blower a backyard parts prototype.Back then impellers and housings were still metal and it was awkward and heavy,but it worked. In 1999 I built and condensed the Dooly even more and made it out of plastic spare parts and it worked even better. 2004 I Took my revised Sanford Son proto type Dooly to a local trade show here in Pinellas County Florida and had a steady flow of lawn people over 200 come to my booth and want to buy my old rough prototype Dooly Blower.I was stoked and amazed at the same time.In 2004 I started Condensing the Dooly into new Engineered Designs and Prototypes and today's Dooly is located in the Video Thread under New Innovative TwindStorm Dooly. I have been working hard for many years hoping to someday get this concept to the market place. I am Happy to say I have an Invitation to fly up to a Manufacturing site and they want to look at the Dooly for possibly adding it to their line of equipment. I ask for your prayers and support by looking @ the Videos and leaving a rating and Response in the Two Threads I have Posted so that the Manufacturer can see that we as a Industry Need New Innovative Equipment that Will Save us Time, Energy and Labor Costs.
    Thank You for reading a part of my Story as a Simple Sincere Lawn Man.
    Sincerely TwinDooly
  2. Eco_Scape_Grndskpng

    Eco_Scape_Grndskpng LawnSite Member
    Messages: 16

    so awesome, power to you brother, I tell you what.
    You send me one when it's made for free and I write an article on it and sell a bunch for you? deal? deal. lol
    way to dream big. keep it up.

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