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  1. coolluv

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    Just wanted to let everyone know about my experience with MowtownUSA. I recently purchased 2 prolockers from them off of Ebay. Both units were pictured as the new yellow units. But when I received my order, one was the older black model and one was the new yellow model. I tried to contact them by email and its been a few days now and not a single word back from them. I also tried to call and no answer, so I left my phone number on the message.

    Again still no reply. I just wanted to get what was represented on Ebay. You can tell the difference in quality between the two. The older black one is flimsy and you can't adjust it side to side like the new model. Anyway, You Live and Learn. Buyer Beware.

  2. dualsmows

    dualsmows LawnSite Member
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    I used to order parts from them but I had the same deal... Faulty parts and no service.
  3. Big C

    Big C LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I orderd some stuff from them in the past...with no problems, but from hearing some of you guys' complaints I will probibly not buy from them again!!!!:nono:
  4. Lawn-Sharks

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    Ive bought blades from them but after hearing this if feeling nervous about buying from them ever again
  5. yungman

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    I will take notice because I did look at the feedbacks of ebay and I was considering order from them. You should write a negative comment on the feedback on ebay. Retailers are very sensitive to feedback over there, Ebayers always look at the feedback before they put a bit and order. This would hit them where it hurts.

    I think this is very important for all of us to post our experience with online retailer here so we can learn more and to avoid those with multiple bad transactions.
  6. Lawn-Sharks

    Lawn-Sharks LawnSite Senior Member
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    I 2nd the motion
  7. JLyons0025

    JLyons0025 LawnSite Member
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    I ordered round magnum trimmer line and reciver square line from these guys. not very good with orders.
  8. snowjeep

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    Did you use the phone number on the web site? I placed an order today and had to call 3 times looking for gators for one of my mowers and they answered everytime. I talked to Scott all 3 times very helpful and friendly. Now I hope my order comes in ok but it did last time.
  9. coolluv

    coolluv Banned
    from Atlanta
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    Well I get home today and discover a package on my door step and I'm thinking what the heck can this be, its a pretty big box. Well I open it up and its a new Pro locker, and I'm thinking what is going on did they finally respond to my email and phone call and send me a new one.

    Well I check my email and sure enough there is a email from the sales manager where Mowtown gets their Pro Lockers from apologizing for sending me the older Pro Locker and taking full responsibility for the problem. Apparently they are giving me the newer one that I originally ordered and letting me keep the old one they sent me for my troubles.

    I figured since I didn't get any response from the email and phone call I would just install the older model I received and be done with it. Well now I have an extra one I guess as a backup.

    Well I just wanted to set the record straight being that I came on here and had something negative to say, I thought it was only right to post the positive.

  10. 4curbappeal

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    I just recived my ebay order and not only eas it the discontinued black model, but it was also the wrong size!

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