MP Rotator vs Single Stream Rotor

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by txirrigation, Aug 6, 2011.

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    I never see them sold at distributors - I can get a respectable import version of the oval-handled valves made by Champion.
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    The supply house I go to even has a 1" inlet model
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  4. Bubbatex0

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    I am a homeowner in Texas and designed my system (With help from this forum) with MPR's and it is working great. Have many curves around my pond and curved patio and can put down water with minimal overspray. I have black clay and do have to run the zones longer than I would have with sprays but it has more time to soak in the clay and not run off. Thumbs Up

    Also I am having to switch to 6" bodies to clear the grass (St Augustine) as it it growing much thicker and I mow it at 3.5" in this friggin drought and heat. :cry:
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    6" Heads are standard with my new installs. You really don't want to mow healthy St Aug lower than you are as you probably know. Glad you had success.
  6. Wet_Boots

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    Aren't there new cultivars that can be cut lower?

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    Cut more frequently would be a better option. I cut my own St Aug every 4-5 days during the growing season.
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    I have been swapping them out a few at a time for a year or so. With this drought I am not mowing on my regular schedule and leaving it longer to shade the roots a little. Seems to be working so far as I am one of few in the neighborhood that doesnt have a dirt yard right now. :cool2:
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    Funny Dad. :laugh:
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    Where are you in RR?

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